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Daiyousei in Fan Culture

  • As an abbreviation of "Daiyousei," the affectionate name for her is 「大ちゃん」 or "Dai-chan."
  • In many fan-fictions, she is described as Cirno's elder (usually, they are not in a blood relation). In these fictions, she is timid and shy, but very kind, especially to Cirno.
  • She is sometimes regarded as the elder or leader of all of the fairies living around the lake.
  • Some fans show her to have larger breasts than most fairies because of her name, "greater/big fairy".
    • There is also a large amount of fanwork that makes a joke of her name giving her smaller breasts as opposed to the "little devil" (Koakuma).
  • Due to her enhanced difficulty in Fairy Wars, she's often been called DIE-yousei. This is generally used when she's angry or takes on a darker personality.

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