At 1:30PM, one the top of a clock tower, two girls fight a tense battle. Both of them wear blue dresses, but one has silver hair and is dressed like a maid, and the other has short blonde hair with a red headband.

The maid delivers a powerful slash with a knife, but the other girl leaps out of the attack’s range and, in front of her, a doll materializes out of thin air and fires a volley of colorful shots of magic, which score a direct hit. As the maid is staggering from the attack, the girl then sends a doll armed with a small lance shooting toward the maid, which also hits, sending her flying back and slamming against the tower’s clock.

Exhausted, but not ready to surrender, the maid pulls a white card from her pocket and declares, “Scarred Soul!” She feels a rush of energy, which makes her feel slightly revitalized. The girl keeps her distance, but the maid advances, throwing countless knives. A doll armed with a shield appears in front of the girl, blocking the knives, but the onslaught begins to become too overwhelming. Finally, the maid rushes forward and delivers a powerful kick, breaking through the doll, breaking the defensive, and leaving the girl wide open for the powerful attack to come, “SOUL SCULPTURE!” The maid, empowered by powerful magic, draws two knives and furiously slashes at the girl, inflicting several cuts.

The attack ends, but the girl manages to hang on. She releases a pulse of blue energy from her body, knocking the maid several feet away, giving the girl enough time to declare a card of her own, “War Sign!” The rush of energy revitalizes her as well.

The battle rages on. The girl sends out several dolls, which overwhelm the maid with shots, and then, she finally unleashes her coup de grace, “LITTLE LEGION!” Dolls armed with swords appear around the maid and mercilessly slash at her, until she loses her will to continue fighting.

On the computer’s monitor, the words, ‘SPELL BREAK’ appear.

A girl with long wavy blonde hair and golden eyes, wearing a black sweater and blue jeans throws her controller to the side in frustration, “Dammit! I just can’t win this stupid game!”

Another girl sitting at the computer’s keyboard, wearing a blue and white dress over a white shirt and a white backpack, with light blue eyes and aqua hair with a green ribbon, says, trying to pick her words carefully to avoid infuriating her friend further, “Um… I was just lucky… I think. I thought you played well. You might win next time…”

“Yeah, yeah…” The blonde girl takes a few breaths, “Still, it’s nice to play with you, Cirno. Watch out, ‘cause I’m gonna win next time!”

Cirno smirks, “MAYbe… but I’m still gonna be the champ! I’m gonna be Genso_ um, the world’s ultimate youk_ er, player, Marisa!”

Marisa turns around, “Whatever you say. Well, I have school tomorrow, so I guess we’ll continue some other time. Thank you for bringing the game.”

Cirno ejects the game disk from Marisa’s CPU, “Sure thing! See you next time!”

Cirno leaves the room and heads toward the houses front door. Nearby, a woman with short blonde hair and brown eyes, dressed as casually as Marisa, says to Cirno, “Ah, it’s you again, Cirno Izayoi! You’ve been coming here quite often.”

Cirno tilts her head to the side, “Oh, um… Hi, Mrs. Kiris_ I mean, Mrs. Starr. Is that bad?”

“Oh no, not at all,” says Marisa’s mother reassuringly, “It’s just nice that you’ve been keeping our daughter so much company… Ever since her unfortunate accident and coma, she’s been so much less outgoing, like something has been weighing heavily on her mind. I’m glad you see her so often. You’ve only just met a few months ago, but you’ve been such a good friend.”

Cirno rubs the back of her head, smiling, “Well, she’s fun to be with…”

“Well, I hope you keep visiting,” says Marisa’s mother.

“Will do! Bye!” Cirno leaves the house.

Cirno steps out to a quiet and tranquil neighborhood of houses, each with green lawns and a thin network o tree’s branches overhead, leaving a wide enough opening for the sunset’s light to shine through. An area of a small town in southern California. However, this was not a scene Cirno had been completely familiar with all her life. She was born elsewhere, and Marisa was technically one of her mothers, though the girl herself never would have thought it in her current state.

Marisa and another girl in the world, named Reimu, got into coinciding accidents, and both went into comas… and dreams. Together, they dreamt of a world called Gensokyo, in which Cirno was born. However, it was more than just a mere dream. Through reasons unknown, Gensokyo established itself as a parallel universe, even connecting to the Netherworld. Gensokyo existed for as long as the two girls slept, but both of them started to recover, which spelt Armageddon for Gensokyo. Many of its denizens vanished with the world, but one of Gensokyo’s residents, Yukari Yakumo, who could manipulate the boundary between dimensions, managed to transport a small handful with her to Earth. They now keep watch over Marisa and Reimu, hoping to one day reunite the dreamers in order to save two denizens, not native to Gensokyo, who are now trapped in their respective subconscious.

In Gensokyo, Cirno was youkai, a non-human being, with dreams of becoming the strongest, but her lack of intelligence and power made that a hard goal, though she has learned and become stronger. On Earth, she approached Marisa rather directly, and even though she was greatly annoyed by the youkai at first, they soon became friends. In her free time, Cirno enjoys playing video games, usually at a local arcade, a practice she quickly mastered.

“Ah, I thought I’d find you here, Cirno…” Cirno turns around to a voice behind her. Standing there is a girl with somewhat messy silver hair, down to her mid-back, blue eyes, wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. Her name is Sakuya Izayoi. Her hair used to be shorter and kept in two braids, and she wore a blue maid outfit before, as she was a servant to a youkai from Gensokyo, named Remilia Scarlet, but since Remilia vanished, along with Gensokyo, Sakuya decided to take on an appearance to distance herself from the servant she saw herself as, and thus, feel more comfortable with the new lifestyle she had been forced into. Sakuya currently works as a cleaner at the high school, where 16-year-old Marisa (18 years old as her Gensokyo counterpart) is currently attending. She and Cirno live together in an apartment as mother and daughter, thus Cirno is adopting her last name. “So how is Marisa doing? What did you two do today?”

“Not much,” answers Cirno, “we played some game, and that’s about it.”

“I see…”

Cirno fixes her gaze on Sakuya, “Hey Sakuya? Do you think Gensokyo will ever come back?”

Sakuya sighs, “I don’t know, Cirno. The first thing we must do is reunite Reimu and Marisa. Youmu and Eirin are watching Reimu, but unfortunately, this world isn’t so simple. We can’t just pick them up and bring them to each other. Getting around this world… is very challenging and complicated…” In Gensokyo, there was magic in the air, which allowed most people to fly through the air, but as Earth lacks such a power, they can’t fly anymore… except Cirno, who has wings folded up and hidden inside her white backpack.

Cirno kicks a pebble on the ground, “Stupid place. I wish it were as simple as Gensokyo…”

Sakuya smiles unassumingly, “I guess this is what happens when humans and only humans control everything…”

Cirno looks at the ground. Of course, Earth has nothing but humans controlling the world, and apparently, they don’t want things to be simple. Being one of the four and a half youkai currently on Earth, Cirno has to pretend to be human, thus she has to hide her wings and anything else about her that indicates that she’s not human.

Sakuya decides to try to take Cirno’s mood away from the depressing topic they are getting into, and asks in a motherly fashion, “So, Cirno, shall we head home? I’ll cook us a good dinner. I’ll make your favorite if you want.”

Cirno shakes her head, “Nah. I’m gonna go off on my own somewhere…”

“Very well. Just make sure no one sees you flying. If people see one thing out of the ordinary, they will go utterly nuts and things will get much harder for us. Remember that.”

Having gone through the same topic before, Cirno says in an annoyed voice, “Yes, ‘mom.’” The two of them part ways. Cirno finds an area free of the gazes of others, takes off her backpack, freeing her wings, and takes to the sky, sticking to the rural areas, where she is less likely to be seen. After a half-hour of flying, she descends to a patch of forest located in a massive grassy field. Cirno visits this place often because it reminds her of the Forest of Magic, a location in Gensokyo, where she spent a lot of her time. In this place, she feels like she’s back in Gensokyo; the place she often visits when she’s feeling homesick. Cold air radiates from her body, releasing her icy powers, which she had to suppress up to that point. While Cirno doesn’t necessarily dislike Earth, there are just some things that cannot replace her true home.

Cirno decides to take a walk across the field for a change. A full moon shines overhead. At one point for Cirno, it was just a beautiful sight, but an alien threat made it more fearful, but no longer being in Gensokyo, she feels a little safer. One plus to being on Earth. She walks and occasionally flies for several miles, trying to relax and organize her feelings. Her journey into nowhere continues well into midnight. Finally, at the edge of another patch of forest, she sees a blue and white house. The setup of the building is exactly identical to someplace she had seen before… in Gensokyo.

Cirno take a couple steps away from the house, “What? No way!” Cirno starts to feel like her homesickness is causing her to hallucinate. Still, she goes around to the entrance door. Up above the entrance, there is a sign with the word, ‘Kourin.’ “Impossible! HE’S here too? No… It may be some other ‘Kourin,’ but…” Out of curiosity, Cirno decides to check the inside of the house. Sure enough, the inside structure, right down to the furniture, is exactly as she remembers. Further in, inside another room, she hears the sound of fingers typing on a keyboard. An unfamiliar sound for the location, but enough had already triggered the ice fairy’s curiosity.

She goes into the room where the noise is coming from, which is lit up only be the light of a computer’s monitor. She glances at an IM conversation in progress:

Kourin: oh yeah. Around the same time, some celestial caused an earthquake and made the shrine collapse. She was pretty mad. Oh, and the weather was all screwy too. It was crazy!

ZUNtsa: wow tht sux stll I thnk tht wood mayk a good stry… maybe anuthr fyter peepl had been wantin 1 I tink lol

Kourin: Sounds good! Can Reisen and Komachi be playable in that?

ZUNtsa: shur Il se wut I can do

Kourin: Oh! And maybe Sanae?

ZUNtsa: dunt poosh ur luk

Kourin: Darn. Oh well! I look forward to playing it!

ZUNtsa: bai

“… Who are you talking to?” asks Cirno, now confident that she knows who she is talking to.

The man sitting in a small chair at the computer, with silver hair, glasses, and wearing blue, white, and black clothes answers, “Well, Cirno, I was speaking with an online friend, who…” He pauses for a few seconds, “Hold on…” He turns around to face the ice fairy, “What? I can’t believe it! Is that you, Cirno?”

“Rinnosuke!” cries out Cirno as she leaps over to give the man a tight hug.

Rinnosuke returns Cirno’s embrace, “Wow… I had a feeling other would escape Gensokyo, but I didn’t think it would be to this realm or that you would even find me…”

“How did you get here?” asks Cirno, getting off Rinnosuke.

Rinnosuke explains, “Well, all around my home, Gensokyo was crumbling. It was rather frightening, and I was also beginning to fade away. However, at that time, Yukari appeared. Having been long-time friends with her, she lent me her powers and warped this house to this location of this world. She didn’t explain anything else. She said she had to go ‘find some information on Marisa,’ whatever that meant…”

“I know what she was talking about!” announces Cirno. She explains about Reimu and Marisa and their involvement with Gensokyo’s existence.

“No way!” exclaims Rinnosuke, “Me, you, all of Gensokyo. It was all because of Reimu’s…”

“It’s hard to believe, but it’s true…”

Rinnosuke leans back in his chair, putting his hand over his forehead, “Unbelievable…”

“I know, right? We’re parts of her dream…”

“Just something that someone thought up, huh? I wonder if that has something to do with all worlds. Still, I’d rather not think about it…”

“Anyway, right now, we need to find a way for Reimu and Marisa to be reunited, so Yukari can free Kaguya and Mokou. Too bad this stupid place can’t just let us take them to one another! If one of them sees Yukari open a portal, they’ll probably start running, because THOSE sides of them have never seen something like that, and they live on opposite sides of the world! Either Marisa goes to Japan, or Reimu comes here, but even then, how can they meet up?”

“That’s… rather troubling… Hey, Cirno?”


“Might it be possible to get Gensokyo back? Did Yukari say anything?”

“Dunno. Yukari doesn’t even KNOW how Gensokyo went from being some girls’ dream to another universe!”

“She doesn’t?”

“No. At first she guessed that it had something to do with Reimu and Marisa dreaming the same thing, but she said that couldn’t be it, and that it is ‘something else…’”

Rinnosuke pushes his glasses back to the top of his nose, “That’s a little vague. I thought Yukari knew everything about this stuff.”

“It looks like there’s one thing she doesn’t…”

Rinnosuke pauses for a few seconds, “Still, this could be a good thing to know…”

“What do you mean?”

Rinnosuke answers, “Whatever that ‘something else’ is, it has something to do with how Gensokyo became more than just a mere comatose thought. If we can find out what caused it, we may be able to resurrect Gensokyo!”

Rinnosuke’s observation makes sense to Cirno and she again hugs him, “You may be right! You’re so smart! I love you, Rinnosuke!”

Rinnosuke blushes, “Um… thanks… can you let go of me please?”

“…” Cirno gets off Rinnosuke.

“Just because I guessed it, doesn’t mean we’re in the clear. We still have no idea what caused it. What could… rather literally… make a dream into a reality? Without that answer, we are stuck here, or anyplace other than Gensokyo, forever…”

“Damn it… and just when I thought we had hope…”

“Hey, it better than nothing, right?”


Meanwhile, in the middle of another wide-open space, well away from civilization, Sakuya walks around, reflecting on her past across dimensions out-loud, “Remilia-sama… you may have yelled at me on quite a few occasions, but I really do miss you. Some people may feel relieved to have been free of servitude, but without you, I just feel out of place. I just can’t feel like I fit in anymore. Not just you, but everyone else who had meant something to me… I only have a few friends remaining, but I rarely see them now. Meiling… Patchouli… Miss Flandre… I’m the only one left…”

Sakuya reflects on her past adventures in Gensokyo.

Sakuya, back in her days as a vampire hunter, stands over the corpses of two vampire nobles, “That eliminates the bloodlines of the Redd and Crimson families. With this, only the Scarlets remain. My mission is almost complete… but why do I feel so unhappy?”

“And now for a name…” She paces around the room in deep thought for several more seconds, then stops and looks at the girl, “Your name is… … … … … Sakuya… Izayoi.”

“Sa… ku… ya… I… za… yo… i?”

“That’s right! Your name from here on will be Sakuya!”

The girl, now christened Sakuya Izayoi, says, “Sakuya… I like that name… What about that new life you talked about?”

Remilia walks over to a nearby closet and pulls out a blue dress with an apron and maid’s head gear, “I think this sums it up fairly well. From now on, you will be a maid of this mansion, serving me, Remilia Scarlet.”

Reimu charges at Sakuya with her gohei in front of her in a defensive position, “Just why the hell are you serving someone who would endanger the world, just to carry out some selfish belief?”

Sakuya leaps away from Reimu and tosses a couple knives, which Reimu manages to deflect with her weapon, “Hmph. Your rage is quite understandable, but the well-being of this world means nothing to me. My mistress’ wishes are all I serve now!”

Reimu jumps at Sakuya and the maid attempts a counterattack with a knife. Both weapons clash, “What’s so special about her?”

“Nothing really. However, I owe her much. THAT is the reason why I will continue serving her. Personally, I fail to share her vision of a ‘perfect vampire world,’ but that doesn’t matter at all.”

Marisa dodges a swipe from Remilia’s claws, then rides her broom shaft-first into her gut, stunning her, “ACK!” She follows it up by firing a blast of magic, which sends the vampire flying several feet away and slamming against the outer wall of the mansion’s clock tower.

Marisa raises a spell card, “Love Sign!” She thrusts her arm in Remilia’s direction, “It’s over, Scarlet! Master Spark!”

Remilia’s eyes widen in shock, “Oh… damn!”

“REMILIA-SAMA!” Suddenly, Sakuya flies into the path of the Master Spark, and it slams into her, shielding Remilia, “Ahgh… ah…”

Marisa yells, “Hey! Where did YOU come from?”


With a smile, Yuyuko says, “I see… Not something I’d expect from the average maid… How would you like to be MY maid?”

“I’ll pass,” responds Sakuya, “Remilia-sama is the only being worthy of my service.”

“Don’t be that way,” says Yuyuko, holding out her hand, “What I am about to offer you cannot be refused. I’m sure you’ll be proud to serve the princess of the Netherworld.” White wisps form around Yuyuko’s hand and surround Sakuya, in the form of ghastly blue flames, “Invoke Death.” The flames close in on Sakuya. Suddenly, she feels all the energy leave her body and she drops down on to the palace roof.

On her hands and knees, Sakuya weakly demands, “Wh-what did you just do to me…?”

Yuyuko tilts her head in confusion, then answers, “This will end your life. After that, you will work alongside Youmu as my servant for all eternity! This is the greatest honor I give.”

“Damn… it…” curses Sakuya with her teeth clenched.

Eirin makes a creepy smile, “Tell me, Sakuya. What is your definition of ‘immortal?’”


“You see, I mixed your drink earlier with a potion I made, which erases an immortal’s memories upon death. An empty mind is easy to manipulate, after all. Might you agree that the concept of ‘life’ is purely based on consciousness and memory? Without those, a body is nothing but meat and bone. The point is that the next time you die, though your body will regenerate, the identity known as ‘Sakuya Izayoi’ will cease to exist.”

Sakuya takes a step back, “So I am… technically mortal?”

“You are now. I propose a challenge: You and me, Sakuya. A fight to the death. If I win, you will be my tool to prepare for the Lunarian invasion. If you win, then you will continue with the life of your choosing and I won’t interfere again. Does this sound fair?”

A knife appears in Sakuya’s hand, “Sure enough. I guess I should thank you, Eirin. Up till a month ago, I thought that when I died, everything ended. Now that fact is true for me. You brought me a step closer to true humanity.”

“You’re welcome…” Eirin prepares an arrow, “Let’s see if you have the skills to enjoy that newly found humanity…”

“What changed you? What taught you the value of your existance?”

“At first, I was what you said. I wandered around Gensokyo, slaying one vampire after another, but around me, there were people who were concerned about many things, leading ordinary lives, and I wondered how I was so different. Remilia-sama gave a new reason for my life, and since then… Reimu… Marisa… Meiling… Patchouli… Youmu… All my friends… have taught me the value of my existance.

“It all feels so long ago…” Sakuya casts her gaze on the ground, “Is it truly all over now?”

“I dunno. Is it?”

“Huh?” Sakuya looks ahead of her and sees a familiar figure. She has long purple hair maintained by ribbons of various colors and wears a nightcap and nightgown. Sakuya immediately recognizes this person, “You’re… Patchouli?”

Patchouli smirks, a facial expression uncharacteristic of the way Sakuya remembers her, “Appears that way, eh? Losing me, the mistress, Flandre, hell, even that Meiling. Pretty damn taxing, huh?”

“How are you here? I saw you vanish before my eyes, along with the mistress, Koakuma, and Miss Flandre!” Something’s not right… She looks like Patchouli, no doubt about it, but the way she’s talking and the way she is looking at me… She’s like a different person altogether!

“Wouldn’t you like to know? However, my time here is short, so I mustn’t dawdle.”

“What are you talking about, Patchouli?”

“THIS!” Patchouli directs her hand in Sakuya’s direction, “Metal Fatigue!” A metal blade materializes in front of her and flies toward Sakuya, who was not expecting Patchouli to attack her so suddenly, who dodges to the side, the blade cutting through a few strands of her hair.

“What are you doing?” How did she use that attack without a spell card? She should barely be conscious in that case, but she’s doesn’t even look tired after that!

“I wanna try this out in battle! Fight me, Sakuya! I have little time!”

A knife materializes in Sakuya’s hand, “Fine, if only because you are the one that attacked me. I will get to the bottom of this!”

A knife quickly materializes in Sakuya’s hand and she tosses it at Patchouli’s head. Patchouli just stands in place as she opens her mouth. Just as the knife is mere millimeters away from making contact, Patchouli chomps down, catching the weapon between her teeth.

Sakuya is taken aback, “Wh-what the…?”

Patchouli spits the knife out, “You idiot, Sakuya. I’m not the Patchouli you knew. Expect me to pull some pretty crazy shit every now and then, alright?”

“Tch.” Thanks to the lack of magical energy in this realm, I can’t make new spell cards! Thanks to the battle with Reimu almost a year ago, I have only four left! I’d better not waste them…

“Now it’s time for me to go on the offensive! Agni Shine!” Patchouli extends her hand toward Sakuya and several fireballs materialize, which merge into one large ball of flame, which comes flying toward Sakuya.

“Far too easy!” Sakuya leaps up and takes to the sky, certain to fly over Patchouli’s attack… at least until gravity kicks in and drags her back to the ground. “Damn!” This battle made me feel so much like I was back in Gensokyo that I forgot a major basic of this realm: I can’t fly! Sakuya lands short of going headlong into the fireball. She freezes time, allowing her just enough time to intentionally fall on her back to avoid the fireball. It flies over her, lightly singing her torso. However, her avoidance maneuver allows Patchouli to get in a free attack.

Patchouli smirks as she raises her hand into the air, “Princess Undine!” A blast of highly pressurized water burst below Sakuya, launching her into the air. Still smirking, Patchouli directs her open palm up in the former maid’s direction and many fireballs materializes around her and fly toward the helpless Sakuya.

“AARRggGGHH!” Sakuya screams as Patchouli’s fireballs engulf her, the temperature rising to an almost unbearable heat.

“Agni Radiance!” Patchouli’s open palm curls into a fist and the fireballs around Sakuya burst in a moderate explosion. Sakuya falls to the ground with severe burns and some parts of her clothes on fire.

“Rughh…” Sakuya tries to douse the flames.

“Hahahaahaa!” Patchouli laughs as she sees the nearly-defeated Sakuya try to endure her pain, “Was that too much. I’ll make it better! Princess Undine High Level!” A magic circle opens in front of Patchouli and a power stream of water flies out, slamming into the ex-maid, knocking her to the ground.

Sakuya feels relieved from the previous burning, but knows that she can’t take much more, Damn it! Whoever this Patchouli is, she’s not fighting me seriously. I must use some cards of my own if I want to survive and get to the bottom of this… Sakuya rises to her feet, drawing a wet spell card.

Patchouli folds her arms in front of her, “Now the big guns, eh? It’s about damn time.”

Sakuya raises her spell card, “Maid Secret Skill!” A small group of knives materialize around Sakuya and fly toward Patchouli.

“WEAK! Rage Trilithon!” A wall of stone rises in front of Patchouli to defend her from the knives.

Sakuya thrusts her hand in the librarian’s direction, “Marionette!”

Suddenly, responding to Sakuya’s will, the knives arch around Patchouli’s shield and sink into her flesh, “AhhhhhhSHIT!” The shield vanishes and Sakuya charges at Patchouli, knife drawn, sinking it into her lower chest, avoiding her vitals, “AUGH!”

“Who are you,” demands Sakuya, “You don’t act like the Patchouli I know. What’s going on?” TELL ME!”

Instead of answering the ex-maid’s question, Patchouli moans in a voice different than her own, “How could you… Sakuya?”

“What?” Sakuya remembers the voice Patchouli just used as belonging to someone else. Before her eyes, Patchouli transforms into Remilia Scarlet, her former mistress.

Sakuya withdraws her knife and stammers, “Wh-what? Mistress? I’m… I’m so sorry! I… I…”

“Sucker!” Remilia snatches Sakuya knife away from her, turns it toward her ‘former servant,’ then transforms again, into Iku Nagae, an atmosphere reading youkai who Sakuya fought during the Mountain of Faith incident.


“HA!” Iku stabs the knife into Sakuya’s shoulder.

“ERK!” Iku then, using her power over lightning, sends an electrical surge through the knife's blade and into Sakuya’s body, “Arg-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!” Sakuya falls to the ground, paralyzed by the shock.

“Hahaha! Surprised you, didn’t I?”

Sakuya forces herself to speak, “What… are you…?”

Iku responds, “Funny you ask that. You know me better than you think.”

“What? Just… what do you want…?”

Iku paces around the defeated ex-maid, “Nothing, really. At least not for right now. I just thought I’d give my powers a spin…” She transforms into various Gensokyo residents, starting with Ran Yakumo “… Don’t worry; I have no intensions of killing you…” She transforms into Yuka Kazami “… In fact, I need you.”

“What… are you… talking about…?”

The figure with no certain identity turns into Aya Shameimaru, “It's nothing I need to inform you of…” She transforms into Keine Kamishirasawa “… because my desire and your overall plan just happens to coincide…”


Finally, the figure transforms into Tewi Inaba, “Look, just free Princess Kaguya and that stupid tomboy rival of hers’, okay?”

“What’s in it for you… exactly?”

“None of your business, maid-girl…” She transforms into someone Sakuya had never seen before: A girl with red eyes and bunny-ears extending out of her head, wearing a black blazer, like Sakuya’s friend, Reisen Udongein Inaba, a moon rabbit. The differences are that this rabbit has short red hair and wears black dress pants instead of a skirt, as well as being slightly taller. “Well, time’s up. I’ll see you around. We’ll meet again if you continue to dawdle, y’hear? Bye!” With that, the figure vanishes into thin air.

The paralysis wears off after a few minutes and Sakuya slowly gets back to her feet, thinking out loud, “Who was she…? And why does she want Kaguya and Mokou to be freed?” Sakuya takes a few seconds to think, but doesn’t come up with any reasonable motives regarding the mystery girl, “No matter… We still have to free our friends… but…”

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