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They started running in circles, with Flandre chasing them, spinning her Lævateinn, creating more Danmaku bullets almost destroying the whole area.

       Marisa: Help!

Suddenly, the front door barged in.

                         The Long Forgotten Erhu Player
                                  Rin Satsuki
       Rin: Hey, I’m new here, and I’m wondering what is going on
       Kazuki: Help me!
       Rin: A vampire!
       Rin Satsuki charged forward to Flandre, to stop her.
       Rin: Suppatenko!

Rin flashed herself in front of everyone, making Flandre drooling.

       Flandre: Boobies!

Flandre flew over to Rin, chasing her down the basement. Everyone ran down with her too.

       Marisa: Let’s close the door!
       Flandre: Boobies! *bite*
       Rin: No noo noooo!
       The basement door was sealed, and behind it was a maniac laugh made by Flandre and a large scream by Rin.
        Reimu: I feel sorry for her
        Kazuki: Should we help her?
        Remilia: Eh, leave her with her, she’ll get tired soon
        Sakuya: This is what happens when you open the basement!
        Marisa: I was just curious!
        Kazuki, Marisa, and Reimu were kicked out of the SDM, and returned to the Hakurei Shrine. As for Rin,
        Rin: I wonder how long you’ll be doing this to me…
        Flandre: For another 495 years, and maybe I should go on down here...
        Rin: You've got to be kidding me...

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