When Saigyou Ayakashi did not fully bloom, many days passed... There was once a wandering soul that was drained by the Perfect Cherry Tree, Saigyou Ayakashi, which was used to make its beauty bloom and unseal itself. After the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom, that spirit was returned to the body and revived itself.

Her name was Kazuki Yamada. Once was a lonely traveler around Gensokyo, seeking the one and only Dragon, The highest order god that created Gensokyo. Now, she awakens as a hybrid of a Youkai/Ghost. She wields her own crafted Murasame, a demon gifted Muramasa, and a blade passed down from generation to generation without rust Masamune.

She rose up in the mountains and gazed upon the scarlet sky.

       Kazuki: The time has come to set off on my never ending journey looking for the Dragon, a- what? I've never seen a sky like this. Oh well, I guess I'll have to find out what is the cause

She set off to a forest where Youkai are usually seen. There she spotted a dark ball of shadow in the air floating.

                            The Youkai of Darkness
       Kazuki: You there! Are you the cause of this?
       Rumia: Ahh.... a human for dinner!
       Kazuki: I guess I'll have to find out later...
       Rumia: So~nanoka?
       Kazuki drew out her Murasame and used Iainuki(term for fast sword slash)Rumia never noticed and was cut, but not decapitated.
       Kazuki: What!?
       Rumia: fufufu... Spellcard Moon Sign MoonlightRay!
       Kazuki: Eeeeyyyyhhh!
       Rumia: Eh. You're no fun at all so not worth eating

Rumia left her and a moment later she got back up. This is a heavy wound, but doesn't seem to hurt 100%. She put her Murasame back in her stock, and started to use it as a walking stick, limping to the opposite way Rumia went.

She found a Miko with a Witch chattering about the red sky. They soon laid her to rest on the mat in the Shrine, nursing her. She felt well again and muttered: That little girl with the blinding lasers....

                        Shrine Maiden of Paradise
                            Reimu Hakurei
       Reimu: Little girl with blinding lasers?
       Kazuki: Something like that
                      Ordinary Magician
                       Marisa Kirisame
       Marisa: I think she is talking about Danmaku~da ze
       Kazuki: Is that what's it called?
       Marisa: Tell me, was anything fired at you?
       Kazuki: If I can remember, that person made lasers come out of nowhere and some little dots came out as well
       Marisa: Yep, that's definitely Danmaku, and did the person hold a card?
       Kazuki: She held one and said out loud "Moon Sign Moonlight Ray!"
       Reimu: Sounds like a culprit all right
       Marisa:I'll guess I'll teach you a few things on Danmaku
       Kazuki:I can spare my time getting taught, so I can learn how to use Danma- wait where are my blades?

Marisa looked as if a burglar was caught and already sent to jail.

       Marisa: W-Well... (She brought them out quickly as if Kazuki already knew)
       Marisa: It’s not like I stole them or anything, let’s get started with your training!
       Kazuki: Yes mistress!
       Reimu:*thinking*(why would she call a lazy burglar witch a mistress...)
       Marisa: O.K. first step is to charge your energy, then aim and fire!

Kazuki charged with all her might but only produced a little bullet that just hovered in the air

       Marisa: what was that……?
       Kazuki: It’s still my first time! Quit bullying me!

Reimu looked from a distance.

       Reimu: For a first timer you’re not half bad

Kazuki remembered her first defeat against Rumia, and produced a wild mass of bullets everywhere.

       Reimu: Uh Marisa? You might want t-
       Marisa:*death sound*
       Kazuki: How was that?


       Reimu: For a Kirisame that didn’t dodge it in time not bad
       Marisa:*gets up*I was just caught off guard but let’s go on with your training
       Marisa: Your next step is a little bit more challenging; remember the card that the person was using? It’s called a Spell Card. It is like a Danmaku shot, but with more difficulty. I’ll give you this free one I made using magic.
       Kazuki:*reading the name*It says Magic Sign “Milky Way”
       Marisa: You should try it, it’s not hard, just yell out the name of the card and focus on it.

~First Try~

       Kazuki: Spell Card! Magic Sign “Milky Way”!

But nothing happened.

       Marisa: Focus on it…

~Second Try~

       Kazuki: Spell Card! Magic Sign “Milky Way”!

One star came out and downed Marisa on the head.

       Kazuki: I DID AND IT SCORED
       Marisa: *groan*

~Third Try~

       Kazuki: S-Sp-Spell Card… Magic Sign… “Milky Way”!

Mass star bullets came out exactly as if Marisa did it.

       Kazuki: I… I did it!
       Marisa: Very good you may become as good as me
       Kazuki: Anymore teaching?
       Marisa: Now you must dodge them

       Kazuki: Eh?
       Marisa: In a Danmaku battle, you don’t want to let yourself wide open, or you’ll get shot down. The Spell Card I gave you is only a replica of mine and you can only use it about once or several times.

Kazuki: Care to try full power on me?

       Marisa: If you insist…
       Reimu: Kazuki I don’t think you want to go that far…
       Kazuki: Don’t worry I’m not human exactly anymore!
       Reimu:*gasp* (if she isn’t human, then she’s probably a Youkai!)
       Marisa: Love Sign! Master Spark!
       Reimu: Watch out!

Marisa fired off a large beam destroying most of the trees in the path. Kazuki disappeared and went behind Marisa and poked her on the back.

       Kazuki: Like this?
       Marisa: Exactly
       Reimu: *saying thoughts to self-* She really must be a Youkai, to move that fast you must be very skilled or born with it.
       Reimu: Kazuki? How did you learn to move that fast?
       Kazuki: I don’t remember anymore, just like how I don’t remember how I was born, relatives, and my swords.
       Reimu: By any chance are you a Youkai?
       Kazuki: What is a Youkai?
       Reimu: Supernatural being or ghost
       Kazuki: Well I don’t recall anything happening to me
       Reimu: Oh well, are you going to take on that person that defeated you?
       Kazuki: I guess so, are both of you coming with me?
       Reimu/Marisa: Yes

They went back to the forest where Kazuki first saw Rumia, but there she was nowhere to be found.

       Kazuki: I’m pretty sure she was here, because she wanted to eat me in the first place
       Reimu: In any case is it that black thingy over there?
       Marisa: MASTER SPARK!

The shadow ball dodged the Master Spark and darted away.

       Kazuki: Don’t you dare run away from me!

She dashed forward so fast that wind couldn’t even contact her. Kazuki saw Rumia evaporate the shadow around her and drew out her Muramasa, trying to cut off her head. Kazuki missed and cut off a strand of hair with a little ribbon attached to it.

       Kazuki: Darn! I missed!
       Rumia: *screams out loud*

Rumia started to grow wings out of her back, a red claw as an outline to her arm, and a spectral red blade in her other arm. She stared at Kazuki and charged towards her. Kazuki returned to where Marisa and Reimu were, but Rumia was already there.

       Reimu: Spell Card! Divine Spirit “Fantasy Seal”!

A wall stopped Rumia in her tracks and Kazuki saw a ribbon to the strand of hair that she cut off and quickly retied it on Rumia’s hair. Rumia became calm and was unconscious, making her wings and outer power disabled.

       Marisa: That was a close one!
       Reimu: This Youkai didn’t die, only fainted
       Kazuki: *breathing heavily* If this is a Youkai, then they really must be supernatural!
       Reimu: You know? I’m sure that it is night time now and that sky is still blood red.
       Marisa: Come to think of it, we were talking about that before Kazuki came ~da ze
       Reimu: And there’s some kind of mist coming over from that way, so that must be it
       Kazuki: So why not check it out?

Their journey continued, stopping before a lake between their very eyes.

       Reimu: I don’t recall seeing a lake in Gensokyo before

A fairy came down and shot out a shard of ice.

                                Ice Fairy of the Lake
       Marisa: What’s wrong with you!?
       Cirno: I, the strongest will defeat you!
       Reimu: Idiot…
       Kazuki: …
       Cirno: Dai-chan come over here!
       Daiyousei: What trouble are you doing now?
       Cirno: See me be the strongest!
       Marisa:*shoots 40 rapid bullets into Cirno*
       Daiyousei: Maybe I should stop them to not make Chiruno mad
       Reimu:*shoots 4 persuasion needles*
       Daiyousei:*death sound*
       Kazumi: Maybe we should’ve just ignored them…

Reimu and Marisa jumped tried to fly over the lake, but Marisa stopped and came back.

       Marisa: Don’t tell me you can’t fly…
       Kazuki: Right…
       Marisa: Why not use your sword?
       Kazuki: And how am I supposed to do that?
       Marisa: You unleash it and ride on it

Kazuki sets her Masamune on the ground and tries to balance on it.

       Kazuki: And now what?
       Marisa: You believe that you can fly and so you fly

Kazuki didn’t think it would have worked, but the Masamune shined and lifted her up.

       Marisa: Now let’s follow that Scarlet Mist

Reimu, Marisa, and Kazuki resumed and saw a big mansion emitting red vapors from it.

                                 Chinese Gatekeeper
                                   Hong Meiling
       Meiling: What are you doing here?
       Kazuki: Trying to stop this red night sky
       Meiling: I don’t know what you’re up to, but I’m not going to let the 3 of you pass here!
       Reimu: Aren’t you Chinese?
       Meiling: That’s none of your concern!
       Reimu: You must be, you have the writing on your cap, so I’ll call you China!
       Marisa: Move aside China or get master sparked!        
       Meiling: My name is not China!
       Kazuki: I think China fits your name perfectly
       China: For the last time! I’m no- HOW DID MY NAME CHANGE!
       Chi- erm I mean Meiling gave up hope and just allowed them to go through anyway. The front door opened, with a lot of maids and books firing mass Danmaku.
       Reimu: (flew upwards)
       Marisa:*death sound*
       Kazuki: (snuck in somehow)
       Marisa:*groan* LOVE SIGN “MASTER SPARK”!

All of the maids and books that came out were Master Sparked and Marisa? 2 lives left. Marisa wandered off to a random door and opened it. It was dark and looked more like a library than just a normal room.

       Marisa: These must be some ancient books, I’ll just borrow them right now…
       Kazuki: I don’t think you should do that…
       Reimu: Misfortune may occur on your way…
                                 The Unmoving Great Library
                                  Patchouli Knowledge
       Patchouli: Don’t take any books please.
       Marisa: Don’t mind me, I’ll return them back later
       Kazuki:*thinks*(I don’t think so)
       Patchouli: Hmm how to create soup with humans and a youkai…
       Reimu: How did I get into this mess?
       Kazuki: I hope I don’t get eaten because of you!
       Marisa: I’ll handle her, go stop the Scarlet Mist!
       Kazuki: Marisa, SO COOL! *with gleaming eyes*
       Reimu: Hurry up! Let’s go!

Reimu and Kazuki went on ahead, leaving Marisa to deal with Patchouli.

                            The Perfect and Elegant Maid
                                  Sakuya Izayoi
        Sakuya: So you two are the ones causing trouble here! You’re getting in the way of my cleaning!
        Reimu: Don’t mind us! We’re here to chat with the owner of this house!
        Sakuya: Milady would not want to see anyone right now so leave!

Kazuki held her Muramasa as if she was about to draw it. Reimu covered her and said,

       Reimu: I’ll take her, go take out the once causing this!
       Kazuki: Yeah
       Sakuya: I’ll get straight with you later! I hope you get blood sucked from milady!

Kazuki went on ahead, seeing a little girl with vampire teeth and wings.

                         The Scarlet Devil Vampire
                              Remilia Scarlet
       Remilia: Your presence here swallows the Scarlet Mist, what is your purpose here?
       Kazuki: That’s my question
       Remilia: Vampires are weak to sunlight; I cannot enter the wilderness without any banishing daylight
       Kazuki: Why not just use something to cover you?
       Remilia: Many human objects are useless to vampires
       Kazuki: Well I’m here to stop you anyway
       Remilia brought out her Gungnir(spear-like weapon)
       Remilia: You dare challenge the Scarlet Devil? I admire your bravery…

Kazuki shot out multiple Danmaku bullets all missing Remilia.

       Remilia: All your pathetic shots cannot harm me human! Spell Card! Divine Punishment “Young Demon Lord”

A barrage of lasers and bullets filled the room.

       Kazuki: Arrggh! Only if I can use something more powerful!

The spell card that Marisa gave her glowed and her Masamune shined as well.

       Kazuki: This power, Marisa must have gave it to me
       Remilia: Still not satisfied? Scarlet Gensokyo!

A rainbow aura filled Kazuki and all rushing towards the blade of her Masamune.

       Kazuki: Spell Card! Stardust Phase Slash!

The time when Kazuki drew out her Masamune, all of the Danmaku shots Remilia fired off all disappeared, leaving her wide open. Kazuki downed Remilia with a hard slash. The Original sky revealed itself once again, and the Scarlet sky vanished. Kazuki returned to where the outdoor gate was, and Marisa and Reimu were there too.

       Reimu: Congrats on your win!
       Marisa: So you finally beated her didn’t you?
       Kazuki: The disappearing scarlet night sky proves it… I’m glad it’s over.
       Marisa: Oops! I may be forgetting something! I’ll be back!

Marisa dashed back to the Scarlet Devil Mansion and headed for Patchouli’s library.

       Reimu: I wonder what she forgot
       Kazuki: Me too

They followed after her, and saw where Marisa was going. When they all arrived at Patchouli’s library, they followed Marisa to a bookshelf.

       Reimu: Don’t tell me you’re going to steal some books…
       Marisa: Don’t worry! I won’t!
       Patchouli: I wouldn’t go there if I were you…

Marisa slided the bookshelf out of the way, revealing what was behind it. A secret passage, which leads to the basement of the mansion, has been revealed. Marisa and the others eagerly went down to the basement, wanting to know the wonders down there. Patchouli walking towards to the entrance said,

       Patchouli: Be ready for the ultimate mass destruction…
                             Summoned Devil assistant
       Koakuma: You’ll think they’ll be okay?
       Patchouli: For a bit 
       Marisa: I’ll open the door ~da ze!

The door opened, and behind it was a young girl, smiling crazily.

                         Destructive Sister of Scarlet
                               Flandre Scarlet
       Flandre:*with a creepy voice* would you like to play with me?
       Reimu: *trembling*I think we should back up now…
       Kazuki: And what would we be playing?
       Flandre: A game called Danmaku
       Kazuki: Sounds dangerous
       Flandre: It’s not hard, that witch right there knew how to take out Patchy
       Marisa: I know. I’m that good.
       Flandre: I’m starting.

Flandre unleashed an outsized amount of bullets everywhere, and Marisa, Reimu, Kazuki, barely dodged it.

       Marisa: Now I know what she wanted to play so badly!
       Kazuki: This would have never had happened if you didn’t open the basement door!
       Reimu: Stop fighting each other and concentrate on defeating her!
       Flandre: Oh… this is so fun!
       Reimu: Spell Card! Divine Spirit “Fantasy Seal”!

A seal came out, and was about to stop Flandre, but was negated.

       Flandre: Spell Cards don’t affect me!
       Marisa: Oh yeah? MASTER SPARK

Marisa’s master spark was blasted at Flandre, but not even leaving any scratches on her.

       Marisa: She must be immortal!
       Reimu: Nothing is immortal…
       Kazuki: Lets retreat!

They went back up to Patchouli’s library, and out to the middle of the foyer.

       Marisa:*panting*is she still behind us?
       Flandre: Here I am!
       Kazuki: AHHHH
       Sakuya: What are you guys doi- MILADY!
       Flandre: Oooh my sister’s favorite maid! Let’s play!
       Patchouli: Well heres a bad omen…

They started running in circles, with Flandre chasing them, spinning her Lævateinn, creating more Danmaku bullets almost destroying the whole area.

       Koakuma: What should we do now Lady Patchouli?
       Patchouli: Nothing, for now
       Koakuma: But the Mansion will be destroyed!
       Patchouli: Just look at who’s coming
       Remilia: Sakuya, my tea time has be- WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO MY MANSION
       Flandre: Hi Nee-chan!
       Remilia: I thought I told you to never leave the basement of the Mansion!
       Flandre: My friends let me out…
       Flandre: Spell Card! Taboo “Four of a Kind”!

3 identical clones of Flandre came out of her, causing more destruction to the mansion.

       Remilia: Patchouli, give me that book of seals immediately!
       Patchouli: Here you go
       Remilia:*chanting* non timeho mala (I will fear no evil) non timebo a lamia, Diabolus seu undead (nor i will fear a vampire, devil, or undead) unus impleatur (to seal one of these) tantum in iudicio (into a judgement so great) quod malum non potest exire(That no evil can escape) I quaeso hunc ordinem now! (I pray this order now!)

66 sealing circles binded Flandre, forcing her to go back to the basement.

       Kazuki: Whew I’m glad that’s over
       Sakuya: This event will not go unpunsished
       Reimu: That is one scary sister
       Marisa: Thank god I’m not related to Remilia
       Remilia: Enough of the reliefs! Fix my MANSION!
       Patchouli: That was a fun moment of a lifetime
       Koakuma: Finally it ended!

Kazuki, Marisa, and Reimu were kicked out of the SDM for a while and returned to the Hakurei Shrine after a houseful of battles.

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