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Book Synopsis

Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red

Main article: Article and Interview: Cirno

Cirno's hobby of freezing amphibians goes too far when she encounters a giant toad out for revenge (also see Perfect Memento: Giant Toad's Pond.) She is swallowed whole, but manages to escape when she freezes the giant toad's insides. In a statement to the newspaper, she claims that she doesn't freeze frogs for fun, but for "ice training"; Aya doesn't buy it.

The interview consists mostly of Cirno complaining about the contemptuous tone of the article.

Perfect Memento in Strict Sense

PMiSS cirno
Main article: Perfect Memento: Cirno
  • It is unknown where Cirno lives, but it is assumed that it is around the Misty Lake, since she is often sighted there.
  • There are several accounts of people finding frozen frogs and fish by the lake.
  • If one is attacked by Cirno, the best defense is to talk calmly to her, and ask her a riddle.
  • No matter how easy the riddle, there will be enough time to flee while she tries to figure out the answer.

The Grimoire of Marisa

Main article: The Grimoire of Marisa: Cirno's Spell Cards

Freeze Sign "Perfect Freeze"

Freeze Sign "Minus K"

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