cirno+neu: Rule

Required players : 2 - 8 players.
For life system only : Chips to represent each player's life (number of players x 2).

1. Play Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide the Dealer.

2. The dealer shuffles the deck, deals out 3 cards to each player, then puts the remaining cards in the center of table as the draw pile. If the game is being played using the life system, each player also receives 2 chips to represent each player's life.

3. Starting from the Dealer, each player takes a turn by playing a card from his/her hand into the main stack. The player calls out the sum of the main stack, then draws a card from the draw pile. After that, the turn passes to next player.

4. Any player who is forced to play a card that makes the main stack sum exceed 99 is eliminated. If the game is being played with the life system, that player loses one of his/her chips. Any player who runs out of chips is eliminated, then begin the game anew.

5. The game ends when only one player remains, and that remaining player wins the game.

Card Explanation

There are 2 types of card, number cards and special cards.

Number Cards

If the card only shows a number, then the card adds its value to the main stack. This include ⑨ cards.

If the card includes a minus sign, then the card subtracts its value from the main stack.

Special Cards

Special cards do not add or subtract value from main stack, so it's safe to play a special card when the main stack value hits 99.

Skip the turn of the player who plays this card and continue to next player's turn.

Reverse the turn direction (CW->CCW or CCW ->CW).

Choose a player and make the current turn that player’s turn. After that player finishes, the turn order resumes as normal, proceeding to player after the one who played this card.

The next player must play 2 cards instead of 1, after which that player draws 2 cards.

Regardless of the previous main stack sum, the sum is 99.

Combines the effect of DOUBLE and SHOT. Choose a player. This turn becomes that player’s turn, and that player must play 2 cards instead of 1, then draw 2 cards. After the chosen player finishes, the turn order resumes as normal.

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