This Touhou card game, based on the Japanese card game Neu (the German word for "new", pronounced "noy"), features everyone's favorite idiot, Cirno.


See cirno+neu: Rule

This is a party card game. The objective of this game is to force your opponent to bring the total value of the main stack above 99, while at the same time avoiding doing so yourself.

Each player starts with 3 cards in his/her hand. On his/her turn, the player puts one card from his/her hand into main stack, then draws a card from the draw stack. If the player plays a number card, the main stack's total value is increased or decreased according to the card value. If it's a special card, the players act according to the card's instructions. Any player who brings the sum of main stack above 99 is eliminated. The game then begins again until only one player remains.

The game also has "life system" rules using chips to represent a player's life. A player who loses a game loses one chip. When player loses all chips, he/she is eliminated.

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