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Chen in Fan Culture

  • In fanworks, Ran is sometimes shown as yelling "CHEN!" whenever Chen does something wrong. Now, she's more popularly known as "CHEEEEEEEEEN!"
  • Another popular meme regarding Chen is 「藍さまホイホイ」 or "Ran-sama hoihoi."
  • Yet another meme featuring Chen is "Honk Honk Chen". A comic strip make by 'bkub', showing Chen riding a bicycle, stopping in the road because Suika Ibuki is laying there drunk, and Chen honking the bicycle horn.
    Honk honk chen

    The Meme Honk Honk Chen

    [1]This comic was translated to English and posted on 4chan. Soon, people began rearranging the panels to create new stories from it, editing panels, and the like.
  • Rin, being the only other cat character in the series, is often depicted in fanart fighting with Chen.
  • Some fans think Chen is around 100 years old, due to Chen with two tails. However, Chen is a Nekomata, and Ran is a Kitsune.
  • She is also shown being chased by Momiji or chasing Nazrin.

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