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○Stage 6 Boss  The Sealed Great Magician

Byakuren Hijiri

Species: magician
Ability: the power to use magic (specializing in magic that increases her physical abilities)

Byakuren's sibling Myouren was a famous monk. Myouren's days were spent easily tossing around enormous pots that contained great storehouses and curing sick people's illnesses in remote places.

Byakuren, getting along in years, learned Buddhist magic from Myouren. She normally lived on Tobikura, which was packed with Myouren's Buddhist power, and so naturally Byakuren gained power of her own.

However, Myouren died before Byakuren.
The bereaved Byakuren started to fear death greatly.
She obtained the power to regain her youth, but rather than a Buddhist art, it was something more like black magic.

After having mastered the power of youth and left behind a normal creature's lifespan, the next thing she came to fear was someday losing her power.

The only way to lose that black art was for Humanity to reject it entirely.
In other words, if youkai ceased to exist, she wouldn't be able to sustain her own power.
And so, she honored youkai.
She pretended to be a great youkai exterminator, but actually saved the youkai behind the scenes.

She had great respect for youkai, but not because she disliked humans.
In the beginning, it was born from her own greed, but as she learned of the difficult past the youkai had borne, she began to think she needed to do something to help them.

This youthful monk who'd suddenly appeared...
Her youth and her magic made her extremely popular among humans.
"As long as Byakuren is here, we don't have to fear youkai anymore. We don't need to live in fear of the night anymore."

And so the gap between her wishes and the expectations gave birth to a terrible tragedy.
People began to call her a demon in human form.
She was sealed away in Makai, never to appear before humans again.

Hopeless Masquerade official website

618px-Th135 Byakuren1
The Ācārya who Surpassed Primates, Hijiri Byakuren

The Myouren Temple was bustling with people.
But their goal wasn't to receive the teachings of the Buddha.
They were those who strayed from morality, who stood out gaudily,
causing a huge ruckus, who were called "justice", in this world without rules.
Repeating "power is a means, not an end", she enters the gaudy battle.

Special skill: Lineage of the Superhuman

Before activating a special attack, Byakuren must first recite a chant.
When you input a special attack once, she performs a chant that charges the amount of times she can use it,
and inputting the same special attack again
consumes the charge and uses the special attack.
The number of charges for each special attack differs,
and if you want to use a different special attack, she must recite a new chant first.
In exchange for her chanting making special attacks hard to distinguish,
the special attacks themselves are more powerful.

Last Word: Atharsaveda

Byakuren charges forward and knocks her opponent back, and using concentrated laser fire
she performs a series of burning attacks.
Her high-speed charge grazes the opponent's bullets,
so she can catch opponents that are far away.
Possessing strong pressure and high enough power to break your spirit,
it is truly a show of the greatest superpower.

Urban Legend in Limbo official website

Extreme Speed! The Rider Monk

Byakuren Hijiri

Occult name "Turbo Granny"

With faith as the basis for her martial arts, she’s a specialized character for close-range combat and spacing.

She has a system called Chanting which allows for a handicap in the application of the finishing move; in this game you can choose freely what finishing move to use as long as you have a chant, and chanting for a prolonged period of time opens up several new possibilities, such as the ability to stockpile them.

Her Occult Attack “Silver Sky-way” lets her rush freely through the sky.

Antinomy of Common Flowers official website

Superhuman and Enlightened Mahācārya

Byakuren Hijiri

"You were possessed by an evil spirit just now!
You have to resist it, or you'll die!"

The head of the Myouren Temple, a Buddhist temple that accepts even youkai.

Regarding the incident as dangerous, she sets out to investigate the Perfect Possessions.
With the help of her subordinate, she tries to solve the question of just what the Possessions really are, but...