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Main Profile

聖 白蓮 (ひじり びゃくれん)

Byakuren Hijiri

618px-Th135 Byakuren1


Byakuren Hiziri

Species Magician (formerly Human)

Ability to use magic (specializes in magic that increases her physical abilities)


Unknown, at least 1000 years old




Temple of Myouren

Byakuren Hijiri is a notable character introduced in Undefined Fantastic Object as the final opponent. When encountered she mentions being a human and having worked with her younger brother (Myouren Hijiri) as a monk.


Prior to the events of Undefined Fantastic Object, Byakuren's brother passed away; a tragedy that caused her to grow a fear of death so she used her power to maintain her youth, still scared of losing it, she helped several youkai such as Murasa, Ichirin, and Shou in many ways that brought them peace of mind. Byakuren was also fond of humans, in fact she wanted humans and youkai to co-exist. The idealist monk was ultimately sealed away in Hokkai by humans for hundreds of years. This however, did not cause her to bear a grudge to them.


During her debut appearance, the group of youkai she had previously helped all unite to break the seal of their saviour. Each one of them confronts the heroine in battle, however in the end they still manage to resurrect Byakuren. After her defeat, her fate depends on which heroine is chosen by the player.

Based on events in Undefined Fantastic Object's Extra and later on in Touhou Hisoutensoku, it's known that she made a temple near the Human Village.

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