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Q:Why isn't it loading?!?

A: This can only be played on Chinese PRC Locale.

Q:Why is there no text?

A: Aha! You are probably playing it from the applocale, which apparently isn't compatible with the game. So, what you do is set your computer locale it to Chinese Simplified, PRC.

Q: So... Where is that?

A Go to control panel. Then open Regional and Language Options. After that, Open Administrative and click "Change System Locale". Finally, put it to Chinese Simplified, PRC and your computer will restart. Have fun! (To reverse, simply do the same and put English, United States.)

Q:But I don't wanna go through all that!

A:Understandable, but at the moment that's the only way I can find it to run. I'll look for other ways to fix this (maybe a font add-on for applocale?)

Q:How do I get past the menus? (Only for people who want to play with no text)

A:Press Enter, and to exit, Press X.

Q:Where is my Audio/Graphics folders?

A:For whatever reason(perhaps to stop messing with?) they are hidden.
But, if you really want to view them, go to start, then control panel, then folder options, then view, then click "show hidden files"
After that, go to the folder containing your game and look at the audio/graphics folder and put the "hidden" box off.
At this point, it's up to you if you want to make hidden files hidden again because you accidentally delete certain "ghost files" you can actually break your computer!

Q:Why does the game keep giving me errors that something is missing?

A:That is because some things did not get extracted. To fix this, go into the .zip and select everything in the audio folder and copy-paste it to the extracted folder. Click yes. Repeat this for the other folders as well, such as animations and whatnot. If that doesn't work then re-download the file and try again.

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