Circle Japanese name: あさつき堂 (probably translates to "Morning Moon Pavilion").
Artist: うがつまつき (Matsuki Ugatsu)

Scarlet Devil (2006-05-21)

Translated by Pilpsie, edited by Rukaroa


Happiness (2006-09-03)

Translated by Pilpsie, edited by Jiu


Laughing Crescent Moon (2007-03-21)

A collaboration with Underwater Fireworks
Translated by Pilpsie, edited by Rukaroa


Kwaidan? (2007-05-20)

See: The Night Sparrow's Splendid Song~Mystia's Festival#Kwaidan?

Lily of the Valley (2007-05-20)

See: Six Poetic Illusionary Selections#Lily of the Valley

Save the Gate! (2007-05-20)

See: Six Poetic Illusionary Selections#Save the Gate!

Children's Folk Tale (2007-08-17)

See: Rumiac World#Children's Folk Tale

Happy End (2008-05-25)

Translated by Solamarle, edited by Rukaroa, raws by H.S


Working at the SDM

Translated by Pilpsie, edited by Hong Meiling 門門


Because Cirno-chan is the Strongest!

Translated by Wings of Yuri, edited by Wings of Yuri
Warning: Nudity, Violence


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