April 3 "The Perfect Maid"

It was a long while since I saw the dream world of Gensokyo. Still I feel I hadn't fully explore the place. So I pray that I could go back there to do the exploration. Still in reality I must remain focused in my daily life...

That night... It happen. I was sleeping in a tree as I investigate my surroundings I saw a Mansion. It was broad day light. But as I move, I ended falling over the fence and into the backyard on the Mansion.

"Okay... Now I'm dead for trespassing." I snickered. "You sure are." A sudden response. I saw a maid with short hair and twin-braids,silver hair... She stands like a lady and behind her are a few fairy... Maids. I only stare sideways to check if I can escape my fate but... As I try to run, she suddenly move faster than I imagine. I still wonder what kind of power she has or if she isn't a human at all.

"Is this a... A danmaku fight?" I only ask her. She stop trowing knives and answered. "What do you think is this?" As she make an intimating pose. I decided it was too much for me at the moment so I try to run to the gate and escape. "Sorry but I don't like fighting maids."

I still run and dodging the knives. It was hard for she was teleporting. Until I realize something is disturbing the surroundings... Then I stop, as soon she suddenly appear next to me and I quickly react and shoot a large magic orb into her.

"Agh, I never expect that." She answered. Then a flock of maid-fairies appeared. "Miss Sakuya! The witch appeared!" "Oh bother. Well our little match ends here. You can straight to the gate or simply fly. But be remind of the Gate Guard..." She then disappears.

"Gate Guard?" I only left straight to the gate. But then-

"Oooryah!" I was suddenly kick by someone. A long,red-haired girl in a chinese dress. I only feel dizzy by the impact. But I still manage to get away. In a few minutes I reach a large lake. Where the fairies played. There I rested... But my mind is giving up. Maybe it's time for me to rest here at the moment...

April 4 "In the field full of fairies"

It was harsh ending, when I woke up the next day. The kick was so strong I ended up in the floor in my room. Still it's another boring life for me...

That night... I once again dream. I was in the same place. When I tilt my head, I saw flocks of fairies flying above me. I only stand up checking what is going on then. I saw 3 fairies hiding on a tree. I decided not to make a move as I observe them slowly. As if they are watching me. "What on earth those fairies up to..." I only mutter to myself... I feel tired again and decided to take another snooze.

After a while I was awoken by a huge explosion. Is this a real event? I open my eyes and quickly look at my surroundings... I was still dreaming. Thus I realize there was a danmaku battle going on. I quickly stood up and prepare myself to what will happen next.

"[Perfect Freeze]!" It was the same fairy's voice from last time. Showering bullets and freezing them. Even I was very far away from the fight. It was cold. I simply try to find who was she was fighting with, as I watch further... I saw three fairies. One in red clothes, the other in blue and the one in yellow.

  • To be continued*

April 15

April 16

April 17

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