Diverse System bnr sml

anima I 東方

Running Length
39:28 min.
CD Catalog


  • 11. East End (03:56)


Genre: Classical Music

This is an album that contains mainly songs that are dominantly performed on the acoustic guitar and classical piano, with some other classical music instruments coming into play in other areas. Whereas the music style in the album is not very diverse, it is still very interesting and engaging to listen to, as not too many groups make quiet, slower-paced, classical arrangements of Touhou Music. Even if you aren't a complete music obsessive (such as myself), you almost immediately realize that the music is very emotional and generally seems to focus on musical beauty more than anything. Every track on the album is something that can affect your mood; most of the time, this music is very relaxing. An excellent album overall, but lacking in a little diversity.

Mind you, this is definitely not something I would recommend to anyone who dislikes classical music.

Recommended to:

  • Fans of music from Perfect Cherry Blossom and Imperishable Night
  • People who like slower, more relaxing pieces
  • People who like classical guitar music, with other classical music influences
  • People who like albums of one particular kind of style

Not recommended to:

  • People who like diverse music or large amounts of diversity in albums
  • People who dislike classical music
  • People who like faster-paced pieces

--ArseneLupin3 02:26, 22 February 2009 (UTC)

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