You didn't think this would be easy... did you?

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Welcome to the beginner's page! For better or for worse, you have found out about the world of Touhou and probably want to learn more. This website is a great place to do that, but the amount of information available might be a bit overwhelming. To counter that, this guide has been created to:

1) Get you the basic facts about the setting and characters.
2) Explain basic gameplay elements.
3) Get you playing your first game as fast as possible.
4) Give you links to help you along once you feel comfortable with the basics.

The World of Touhou

This is the basic information you need to understand the setting of Touhou.


The entire Touhou series takes place in the fictional land of Gensokyo. Gensokyo somewhat resembles feudal Japan, with the inclusion of a large amount of folklore added in. The land itself has many other Locations, which players will visit throughout the course of the games.


(A brief explanation of the primary characters will go here)

Getting Into the Game

(An introduction to one game will go here)

Getting a Game

(How to get the game will go here)

Gameplay Basics

(Basic gameplay and common terms will go here)

Do You Want To Know More?

(This is where links to more detailed pages can be listed, please give a brief description of what users can find on that page).

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