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追憶鎮魂曲 Nostalgic Requiem
Group Dobu Usagi
Released 2005/5/4 (Reitaisai 2)
# of Tracks 6
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Symphony from The Sanctuary bana

追憶鎮魂曲 Nostalgic Requiem (dansōkekkai tsuioku chinkonkyoku Nostalgic Requiem) - Symphony from the Sanctuary: Nostalgic Requiem

Running Length
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| review Final CD of 弾奏結界 -Symphony from the Sanctuary- compilation from どぶウサギ, as 散華嬉遊曲 Flower Divertimento and 文花風師曲 Arietta Incalzando were released a while later.

As previous three albums rearranged EoSD, PCB, IN accordingly, this album widely covers PC-98 era and 秋霜玉 (Shuusou Gyoku).

Overall feelings of 'epilogue' are flowing through the album.

Too short running time (22 minutes, while other three compilation albums were around 45 minutes) can be considered as a big flaw...

Standout tracks

01. 魔法少女十字軍

02. 魔女達の舞闘会

  • Another famous track of 秋霜玉, which also appears as Marisa's night theme in IaMP. With track 1, this track represents the unique feeling of old europe, as opposed in Touhou series' oriental feelings.

Recommended to :

  • Anyone who already has Dobu Usagi's previous three compilations
  • Fans of PC-98 era musics
  • Fans of 秋霜玉 musics

Not recommended to :

  • Anyone who don't have previous Dobu Usagi's three compilations (as this album is fairly short and sort of 'appendix'..)
  • Anyone who only interested in Windows-era Touhou series musics

—Preceding unsigned comment added by Checkist (talkcontribs)

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