蓮弾奏結界 白夜小夜曲 Serenade at midnight sun (Rendansou Kekkai: Byakuya Sayokyoku ~ Serenade at midnight sun) Rendansou Kekkai: Serenade of the White Night, Serenade at midnight sun

Running Length
わさもん (まったり堂)
綾見ちは (疲労熊)
Catalog No.



Genre: Ambient Music Feel free to add to or change the musical genres listed.

This album just proves how dynamic and unpredictable dBu's musical direction can be. In almost stark contrast to his C75 release, which contained diverse and upbeat tracks with prominent electric guitar in some of them, "蓮弾奏結界 白夜小夜曲 Serenade at midnight sun" largely provides soft and soothing synth-dominated songs with minimal guitar playing in the whole album. Like in "鬼譚奏鳴曲 Demon Tale Sonata", dBu does utilize various new synthesizer sounds; in this album, however, the new sounds are used to construct the calm and beautiful soundscapes of the songs instead of adding energy and excitement. A friend of mine(who I bought a copy of this album for as well) fittingly described the album as "chilling, in the sense that it calms me down, but also in the sense that it sends shivers down my spine".

I'm not sure if I should say this, bu this album may alienate those dBu fans who prefer his more energetic and driving pieces. However, it is still a fantastic record in its own right, and was another dBu album worth the wait and the money. It certainly has me excited to listen to "星弾奏結界 天空航進曲 March over sky", which I probably should have listened to first.

I'd like to say that it was difficult to choose standouts, since I enjoy all of the songs in different ways. Some people might disagree with my standout tracks, but here is my list:

02. 春の湊に ~ Lost shiners

  • This track features a wonderfully realistic (though synthetically reverbed) lead piano, accompanied by a very ambient string sound and an occasional faint beat. A very peaceful track, it emphasizes the concept of musical beauty.

03. 雲間に漏れる一条の光

  • To me, this track emphasizes - or, rather, embodies - the ambient nature of this album. In my opinion, it's an essential track, along with 春の湊に ~ Lost shiners.


  • One of the more upbeat tracks, if features some very interesting lead sounds, which kind of reminds me of chiptunes for some reason, although I'm sure that won't hold true for everyone.

08. U 4 R

  • Being the most upbeat and energetic track in the whole album, it's almost a standout by definition. Definitely worth a listen.

Recommended to:

  • Fans of UFO's music
  • Anyone who likes synthesizer music
  • Anyone who likes slower and calmer songs
  • People who fit the above criteria and/or prefer less diversity in an album

Not recommended to:

  • Anyone who doesn't like synthesizer music
  • Anyone who doesn't like slow pieces
  • People who fit the above criteria and/or prefer more diversity in an album

--ArseneLupin3 21:55, December 31, 2009 (UTC)

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