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The gameplay is like a mix of I wanna be the guy and Mario.

If you get a power up and get hit, you lose the power up. Get hit again and life is lost.

The game has twenty stages, and each fifth level has a boss fight, which resembles that in a usual danmaku game.

Character abilities

  • Suwako Moriya - N/A
  • Satori Komeiji - Can detect boxes that may have something in it. It is seen with a Yellow outline and a Question Mark to indicate that there is something in a, usually breakable, box.
  • Orin - Can shoot 'danmaku' even without power up.
  • Chelsea Mamonarge - Cannot dash, can shoot 'danmaku' even without power up, airglide (by holding Jump while on air), and spawn a ladder (Up+Fire. To get the ladder again, climb down from it).

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