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Playable Characters

Suwako Moriya

Suwako (洩矢の旅)

Satori Komeiji (Unlocked at level 16)

Satori (洩矢の旅)

Orin (Unlocked at level 16)

Orin (洩矢の旅)

Chelsea Mamonarge (Unlocked at level 21 (Hard/Lunatic))

Chelsea (洩矢の旅)


Stage 5 - Remilia Scarlet

Remilia (洩矢の旅)

Stage 10 - Minoriko Aki

Minoriko (洩矢の旅)

Stage 15 - Satori Komeiji (or Suwako Moriya if your playing as Satori or Orin)

Satori (洩矢の旅)

Stage 20 - Cirno

Cirno (洩矢の旅)

Stage 21 (Hard/Lunatic) - Chelsea Mamonarge (or Suwako Moriya if your playing as Chelsea)

Chelsea (洩矢の旅)

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