桜幻樂典 ~ Fantasic record of Cherry-blossom    
Group    Sensitive Heart
Release date    2004-10-09 (M3-14)
Length    28:13
# of Tracks    7
Catalog No.    SHAC-0002
Price    ¥700
Website    Site
Arrangement    koutaq

桜幻樂典 ~ Fantasic record of Cherry-blossom (sakura gengaku ten ~Fantasic record of Cherry-blossom)


  1. 妖々夢 ~ Snow or Cherry Petal (02:46)
  2. 無何有の郷 ~ Deep Mountain (04:05)
  3. ブクレシュティの人形師 (03:33)
  4. 天空の花の都 (04:48)
  5. 幽霊楽団 ~ Phantom Ensemble (03:43)
  6. 東方妖々夢 ~ Ancient Temple (05:06)
  7. 幽雅に咲かせ、墨染めの桜 ~ Border of Life (04:12)


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