東方 Midnight MAXIMUM TUNE (tōhō Midnight MAXIMUM TUNE)

Running Length
Staff Credit
Sound Style:DSP, DDSS, Guri, 石川直人, Kiyoma, Ky
POP & ふくなが (Electro Magnetic Wave)
赤人 (65535th Avenue)
NC (chicktack clock)


  1. 妖々夢 ~ Snow or Cherry Petal
  2. 無何有の郷 ~ Deep Mountain
  3. クリスタライズシルバー
  4. 遠野幻想物語
  5. ティアオイエツォン(withered leaf)
  6. ブクレシュティの人形師
  7. 人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女
  8. 天空の花の都
  9. 幽霊楽団 ~ Phantom Ensemble
  10. 東方妖々夢 ~ Ancient Temple
  11. 広有射怪鳥事 ~ Till When?
  12. アルティメットトゥルース
  13. 幽雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜 ~ Border of Life
  14. 妖々跋扈
  15. 少女幻葬 ~ Necro-Fantasy
  16. ネクロファンタジア
  17. 春風の夢
  18. さくらさくら ~ Japanize Dream...


DSP(8, 9, 12, 13)


Guri(14, 15, 16)

石川直人(6, 7)

Kiyoma(1, 2, 3, 10)

Ky(4, 5, 17, 18)


Golden City Factory, a doujin musical group already well-known for their arrange albums of the music of Key's visual novels, was rather slow coming to the Touhou scene. This is only their second Touhou arrange album, after 東方 Destiny at Reitaisai 2 released earlier in the year. Nevertheless, they made up for their late arrival with amazing productivity, arranging nearly every song in PCB in the scant few months since Reitaisai.

While other fan favorites such as dBu tend to stick to a well-defined musical style, GCF is far more eclectic, and rarely will two songs rearranged by them sound the same (since they're a group of arrangers rather then an individual, this is to be expected.) What's consistent in their music is the heavy techno influence, with classic TR808 backbeats, retrig effects, and synths. Lots of synths. Quite possibly too many for some people's tastes.

GCF isn't afraid of using instruments that sound real; you'll hear everything from overdriven guitar to xylophone on this album. Rather, they simply like their synthesizers a little too much. Seeing that their sampled instruments sometimes fall short of the mark- I'm thinking of the pizzicato on Deep Mountain here- perhaps it's for the best.

While it's one of the less impressive of their Touhou albums, lacking the polish of their later works, MAXIMUM TUNE is still worth a listen. If you find the rest of their albums a little too weird, it may appeal to you as well. Newbies, however, should look elsewhere or keep in mind while listening that Golden City Factory can do better then this.

Standout tracks

  • 01. 妖々夢 ~ Snow or Cherry Petal

A good introduction to GCF's acoustic capabilities. Synths take a back seat to guitar, piano, and xylophone and the drum machine is nowhere to be heard. You'll hear more like this on their other albums.

  • 10. 東方妖々夢~AncientTemple

This song's opening- with eerie vibraphone arpeggios, a subtle backing pad and the sparse koto riffs of the original- sets a very other-worldly mood. It's a pity it turns into a standard arrange around the 0:45 mark. Still, a solid piece.

  • 14. 妖々跋扈

Ancient Temple's opening showed us the quiet and pensive land of the dead; now it's time to take a trip to the borderlands. Sparse piano and violin stabs in the foreground, and quiet synths seemingly gurgling at random in the background, combine into an eerie whole in this unusual arrange. In my opinion, the album's best.

  • 16. ネクロファンタジア

Rather then saturating itself with the raw power & energy of most Necrofantasia arranges, this one taps some of the sinister minimalism done so well in track 14. That doesn't mean it's not driven, of course. Techno that will keep you up at night.

Recommended to 
Fans of Golden City Factory
Aficionados of odd electronic music
Not recommended to 
Those who hate techno and/or synthesizers


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