東方 Destiny (tōhō Destiny)

Running Length

Staff Credit
Sound Style:DSP, Guri, ky, DDSS, Kiyoma
赤人 (65535あべにゅ。)
Catalog Nr.


  • 01. 幻視の夜 ~Ghostly Eyes~
  • 02. 蠢々秋月 ~Mooned Insect~
  • 03. 夜雀の歌声 ~Night Bird~
  • 04. もう歌しか聞こえない
  • 05. プレインエイジア
  • 06. 永夜の報い ~Imperishable Night~
  • 07. 少女綺想曲 ~Dream Battle~
  • 08. 恋色マスタースパーク
  • 09. シンデレラケージ ~Kagome-Kagome~
  • 10. 狂気の瞳 ~Invisible Full Moon~
  • 11. ヴォヤージュ1969
  • 12. 千年幻想郷 ~History of the Moon~
  • 13. エクステンドアッシュ蓬莱人
  • 14. 月まで届け不死の煙


Golden City Factory's very first Touhou album. I summarized them better in my 東方 Midnight MAXIMUM TUNE review, so mosey on over there if you're wondering who the heck they are. ^_^;

As you may be aware, GCF is a group of several different arrangers. I don't know whether it's due to a lack of synergy, or familiarity with the music, but in this first album their stylistic differences are quite clearly evident compared to their later works.

DSP (arranger or tracks 1-4) mainly sticks to conventional techno in this album, as does Ky (tracks 13 and 14.) Guri (8-12) adds in some funk/trip-hop influence, but chose to nearly obliterate the original tracks in the process. Kiyoma (5 and 8) does an interesting, if not entirely cohesive, mix with unusual instrument choices. The star arranger of this album is DDSS, artisan of the synth-rock Imperishable Night and the atmospheric Draem Battle.

This album is only worth a full listen if you really like techno. Otherwise, stick to the standout tracks below, though you may wish to puzzle yourself with Guri's almost unrecognizable Invisible Full Moon and History of the Moon.

Standout tracks

  • 06. 永夜の報い ~Inperishable Night~

The original of this is not one of my favorite tunes, so it's a surprise that I liked this. Feels like rock, but with a synthesizer lead and piano/celesta interlude, guitar backing except for one solo. An interesting twist on the old formula.

  • 07. 少女綺想曲 ~Draem Battle~

An arrange with a dark ambience. Somewhat minimalist with only bass, piano, chimes, and the sound of the wind. Not to imply that it's lacking energy, though... With a theme like this, Reimu could be an extra boss. (She certainly seems challenging enough some days. >_>)

  • 08. 恋色マスタースパーク

Amusing, all of the standout tracks are stage 4. Anyway, this is a funky piano-led arrange with wah guitar, xylophone, and some techno samples... one of those phenomenons you'd only ever hear in game music, or maybe from an intoxicated world-jazz band.

Recommended to 
Big fans of techno
Those who don't mind hit-and-miss albums
Not recommended to 
Anyone else


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