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東方風櫻宴 Phantasmagoria mystical expectation

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東方風櫻宴 Phantasmagoria mystical expectation
Kazakuraen cover
Released 2006-05-23 (Reitaisai 3)
# of Tracks 11
Website Link
Bn toho1-2

東方風櫻宴 Phantasmagoria mystical expectation (Touhou Kazakuraen) - Touhou Wind-Cherryblossom Party — Phantasmagoria mystical expectation

Running Length
KEI氏 (ケイガロウ)
Catalog No.



  • The title of Track 4, "Former class-A war criminal", is a reference to Kaya Okinori. Convicted of dealing opium to the Chinese during World War II, he was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal. He was paroled in 1955 and later served as Minister of Justice under the administration of P.M. Ikeda Hayato.
  • The title of Track 11, "Voyage 1.97×10^-34" is thought to be a combination of Planck's constant "6.626 x 10^-34" and the original "Voyage 1970".


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