Silver Forest bnr sml

東方蒼幻燈 (Touhou Sougentou)

Running Length
28:49 min.
CD Catalog


  • 03. 悠遠の神子 (02:54)
    • Yuuto no Kamiko
    • arrangement: 久遠 (Kuon)
  • 06. 霊験あらたか (03:17)
    • Reiken Arataka
    • arrangement: NYO
    • lyrics: NYO, Vo. Nana
  • 07. 東方模様~雪華 (08:00)
    • Touhou Moyou ~ Yukihana
    • arrangement: 久遠 (Kuon)
  • 08. 霧雨魔理沙の憂鬱 (03:51)
    • Kirisame Marisa no Yuutsu (The Melancholy of Marisa Kirisame)
    • arrangement: Silver Forest
  • 09. オレ魔理沙 (01:07)
    • Ore Marisa (I am Marisa)
    • arrangement: Silver Forest
    • lyrics: NYO


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