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東方蒼天歌 (Tōhō Soutenka) - Eastern Blue Sky Songs

Running Length
Catalog No.


  • 06. 君の翼 (02:43)
    • Your Wings
    • composition: NYO
    • vocals: Marina-tan
  • 11. つるぺったん (instrumental) (02:40)
    • Delicious Flat Chest (instrumental)
    • arrangement: NYO
    • original title: 竹取飛翔
    • source: 東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night
    • original title: はるぴったん
    • source: Moji Pittan/Hare Hare Yukai crossover
    • original title: レッツゴー!陰陽師
    • source: Power Instinct Matrimelee


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