Released 2008-12-29 (Comiket 75)
# of Tracks 15
Website Link
東方泡沫天獄 (Touhou Baburingu Andaaguraundo) - Touhou Bubbling Underground
Running Length
D.watt, ひくら
俺と海 (ウモ屋)
風見ニノ (オタクブックス)
鯛の小骨 (Azure&Sands)
Catalog No.




This album has diversity in genre of music, like Pops, Acting, A-pop, etc, and it has many jokes and parodies. So some people take this album as Iosys wandering and excursion.
The plot is that Marisa and Nitori stay out late in Gensoukyou, where Japanese Bubble is come as "Touhou Bubble" on the Internet. And according to an entry of Iosys blog, this album is put the importance on song, performance, voice in order to express something narrative. This interpret explains these reasons; the mood of music changes again and again, the four comic drama tracks call themselves "act", characters speaking in those tracks turn theirselves singing, and the 14th track sounds like a musical, for example, on the point of chorus starting from approximately 3:10.
This CD is, therefore, Iosys' message; Iosys have tried making a new type of fanfic as musical play by inhabitants in Gensoukyou, they are struggling in Touhou Bubble like them having too much praise and blame. Before understanding this concept, I thought this album is great only in instruments, but I change my impression that this album would still have a great value to listen to, even if their jokes didn't catch your hearts. --Masuo64 09:43, 4 February 2009 (UTC)

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