Tsukitourou cover
Released 2006-12-31 (Comiket 71)
# of Tracks 16
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東方月燈籠 (Touhou Tsukitourou) - Touhou Moon Lantern

Running Length
モタ (motor home)
Catalog No.



  • Track 3 parodies 'Douwa Meikyuu', the first opening from the anime Otogi-Jushi Akazukin.
  • Track 4 samples the songs B4U/Brilliant2U from DDR/IIDX.
  • Track 8 parodies 'Pegasus Fantasy', first opening theme of the anime Saint Seiya.
  • Track 9 is sung by a kindergartener.
  • Track 11 parodies Yousui INOUE's song "There Is No Umbrella" (傘がない, Kasa ga nai).
  • The extra track parodies 'Hare Hare Yukai', first ending theme of the anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.


IOSYS's third Touhou album. This one has a twist to it: every track on the album has vocals (although track 14 lacks lyrics.) In the vein of 東方乙女囃子, many of the tracks are comedic and offbeat in nature, but there are a few exceptions. Even in the comedy tracks, the skill of the arrangers and vocalists shines through to create a unique and excellent album.

Standout tracks

02. 患部で止まってすぐ溶ける 〜 狂気の優曇華院

  • Remember track 2 of the last IOSYS album? This is its spiritual successor, featuring Reisen. Hilarious and utterly insane techno. May not hold up to repeated listening, but it's certainly a standout. It also has a flash video.

06. 邂逅 〜 巡り合える奇跡と

  • From the first time I heard the crossfade demo of this album, I knew this would be my favorite track; a rare arrange of Imperishable Night's Last Word theme, with a slow, melancholy air and stellar vocals. While the decision to add a heavy techno beat to the latter part of the track was a bit disappointing, it's still a beautiful song.

12. 月夜を隠さない程度の能力?

  • A very cute- and funny, if you can understand the lyrics- arrange of Reimu's theme. It's also musically interesting, with a unique blend of techno and funk.

15. 白玉楼 〜 幽冥の住人は割と少ない

  • This song is simply nice. Quite faithful to the original compared to the rest of the album, and without any vocal quirks, it really sounds like Youmu singing her heart out. A breath of fresh air among all the wackiness.

Recommended to :

  • Fans of comedy arranges
  • Fans of vocal arranges
  • Fans of many styles

Not recommended to :

  • Fans of only one style
  • Fans of arranges faithful to their original score.


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