Projectdelta gensouroku
Group    project Delta,    Scinicade×TAMUSIC
Release date    2007/05/20 (Reitaisai 4)
Length    28:37
# of Tracks    4
Catalog No.    DLT-0001
Price    ¥500
Website    Album
Arrangement    Ravy (Scinicade)
Vocals    TAM, ShavaDava

東方幻奏録 (tōhō gensōroku)

Violin & Piano
しゃばだば (SoundCYCLONE)


  1. Pseudo Stradivarius (05:34)
  2. heaven and earth (05:06)
  3. Symphony "Black Blossom" op.23 (05:37)
  4. Aria of Chinese Tea (12:20)

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