東方三月精 (romanized Touhou Sangessei or Touhou Sangatsusei, meaning Oriental Moonlight Fairy Trio) is a three-part manga series, written by ZUN and illustrated by Nemu Matsukura (part 1) and Makoto Hirasaka (parts 2 and 3), which focuses on the lives of three particular mischievous fairies in Gensokyo. The three parts of the series share the same Japanese title component (東方三月精), but differ in the English components of their names, which are as follows:

  1. Eastern and Little Nature Deity (2005 - 2006, illustrated by Nemu Matsukura)
  2. Strange and Bright Nature Deity (2006 - 2009, illustrated by Makoto Hirasaka)
  3. Oriental Sacred Place (2009 - ongoing, illustrated by Makoto Hirasaka)

The game Fairy Wars also shares this title and is a tie in to a story in Strange and Bright Nature Deity.

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