Group ユウノウミ
Released 2009-08-15 (Comiket 76)
# of Tracks 8
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東方ヘクトパスカル (Touhou Hekutopasucaru) - Touhou Hectopascal

Running Length
夕野ヨシミ (ユウノウミ, イオシス)
樹人 (虚空臨界点~ソラハテ~)
夕野ヨシミ with Studio1.8, MoL+MoL
Catalog No.


  • 05. 博麗奉製オミクジランダム (off vocal version) (05:11)
  • 06. 比那名居心経イタイノチョウダイ (off vocal version) (06:57)
  • 07. 風神信仰カリスマソウル (off vocal version) (04:34)
  • 08. 向日葵ビューティバイオレンス (off vocal version) (03:11)


  • Hectopascal is a unit of pressure used in Japan.
  • The cover illustration shows Tenshi, as a weather reporter, predicting that the weather will be "Daikichi" (Great Blessing). Reimu is surprised by this because it's not something normally seen in a weather report.
  • 神波千尋, who appeared in many other of IOSYS's works as a vocalist, changed her name to 愛原千尋 in order to make the duo group, 天然ジェミニ (Natural Gemini, Tennen Jemini), with her elder twin sister, 愛原佑季. Although the names are different, they are still the same person. She seems to be added in the credits on the CD booklet as 愛原千尋 in the duo group, and as 神波千尋 in solo.


Genre: I don't know, but maybe House, Dempa, and Akibanized Hip-Hop.
ユウノウミ... This is the doujin circle directed just by 夕野ヨシミ, the lyrics writer. She is seem approximately 100% identified with しゃちょう (Shachou, lit. Boss), one of the three main directors of IOSYS.
First of all, IOSYS consists of some groups specializing in their talents: composing musics, making joke tracks, singing songs, MC of their broadcast, maintaining it, making PVs, and arranging their schedule & managing accounting. Shachou is charge of the last part. This was directed by such a person.
The main concept of this CD is "Tenshi's wandering to look for ones giving her attention". She reports it's Daikichi at weather report and wanders about Youkai Mountain and Garden of the Sun. Those makes Reimu, Kanako & Suwako, and Yuuka respond to her in their own ways.
Every track is worth listening to again and again and again, but what strikes me most intensely is the last verse of the 4th track; "Because the continuing dream in your life is short, run desperately!" (Yume no tsuzuki wa mijikai kara, hisshi ni nari hashire). It has enabled me to realize that our lives are limited in time, and that everyday is the repetation of the *last* day, in each day. When I heard it, I felt like Tenshi in the song was me and Yuuka scolded me. Yes, the time extended from dream in our real life is quite short, and we must run, run! ...But, Ō Jūka, domina mea, ubi et cūr mē currere possim? --Masuo64 18:56, November 10, 2009 (UTC)

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