Group Silly Walker
Released 2006/05/21
# of Tracks 10
Website Site
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暴れん坊天狗 (Abarenbou Tengu)

Running Length
みろみろ☆むむ (Miromiro☆Mumu)
Catalog No.


  • 09. 遠いどこかのさくら (04:51)


  • Track 10 is basically a re-hash of "ZERO-ONE ( simon respect mix + H + more )" from the Diverse System CD FUJITSU, which was also done by すぺらんかー under his Diverse System alias, SLK-9888.sys, which is in turn a remix of the song ZERO-ONE from Beatmania IIDX 7th style by Mr. T. Both tracks have (almost) the same extended sequences of samples from various TV shows interspersed with some set phrase ("Zero one!" in the case of the FUJITSU track, "Eirin! Eirin!" in the case of this track) over break beats. The FUJITSU track continues for another three or four minutes.


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