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文弾奏結界 文花風師曲 Arietta Incalzando (ぶんだんそうけっかい ぶんかふうしきょく アリエッタ インカルツァンド, bundansōkekkai bunkafū shikyoku Arietta Incalzando) Written Symphony from the Sanctuary: Flowery Compositions of the Wind Goddess, Arietta Incalzando

Running Time
Sound & Produce
どぶウサギ (dBu music)
わさもん (まったり堂)
綾見ちはが (疲労熊)


"Shoot the Bullet" Tracks

Extra Tracks

Secret Track

  • 10 . 失恋色全方位光線☆(センチメンタルノンディレクショナルレーザー)
    • Sentimental Non-Directional Laser


Recommended to :

  • Fans of original StB's musics
  • Anyone who likes high-tempo musics
  • Anyone who likes variable, diverse musics

Not recommended to :

  • People who don't like hard-rock/electric guitar

—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)

Genre Needed Feel free to add musical genres to this article.

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