散華嬉遊曲 Flower Divertimento
Sange jake
Group dBu music
Released 2005-12-30 (Comiket 69)
# of Tracks 14
Website Link
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散華嬉遊曲 Flower Divertimento (sange kiyūkyoku Flower Divertimento) - Divertimento of Scattering Flowers ~ Flower Divertimento

Running Length
Catalog No.


  • 11. 六十年目の東方裁判 ~ the Presiding Judge of Xanadu (05:44)
  • 14. 二度目の風葬 (04:10)
    • A Second Open-Air Burial
    • composition: どぶウサギ


Yet another dBu album, and this one may be one of his best yet. For this one, he remixed a good majority of Phantasmagoria of Flower View's tracks.

This is fairly consistant with the original, although not as much as say 紅魔狂詩曲 Scarlet Rapsodia. It starts very calming, and builds up very quickly, even within the first song. Then it remixes the three "Main Characters" in some of the best ways I have ever heard. It also has some fantastic remixes of all of the Mid-Bosses' Themes, along with Tei. It ends with Sikieiki's Theme, along with the credits and endings theme. This cd is not standard dBu, however. He actually went and arranged some of the tracks, and many tracks are actually more laid back than the originals.

Standout tracks

  • 01. 花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria

This song starts out very quiet, and builds up very suddenly, and really gets this album going, in only 1:05.

  • 04. the Night of Flowering

Probably the best track on this album. It starts out very eerily, with just bells and a violin. It's slowly builds up to a full string orchestra, and finally the main theme comes in. It starts speeding up rapidly, in to one of the most beautiful arranges I have ever heard. The way it changes from an eerie track to a very hopeful, peaceful track is incredible. This track really shows off dBu's skill, when he decides to arrange music..

  • 07. 風神少女 ~ the Article by Crow

Quite a change from some of the other songs, this track starts with a heavy guitar, followed by intense drumming. Although the melody is very similar, it gives off a very different feeling with this change in instruments and very intense drumming.

  • 11 . 六十年目の東方裁判 ~ the Presiding Judge of Xanadu

This track takes no time to get started, and you can recognize the theme of Sikieiki instantly. A very light technoish remix, and it can be very soothing or raging, depending on what kind of a mood you are in. The balance between the different phrases is fantastic, and really helps to build this piece up.

Recommended to :

  • Fans of midly arranged music
  • Fans of both relaxing and intense music
  • Fans of Phantasmagoria of Flower View's Music

Not recommended to :

  • Any fan of heavily arranged music.

-Benny1 3:42 PM, 06/10/2006 (CST)

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