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幻葬旋律曲 Necromanza
Group Dobu Usagi
Released 2005/5/4 (Reitaisai 2)
# of Tracks 12
Website Site
Symphony from The Sanctuary bana

幻葬旋律曲 Necromanza (dansōkekkai gensō senritsukyoku) - Illusion-Burying Melody, Necromanza

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Second CD of 弾奏結界 -Symphony from the Sanctuary- compilation from どぶウサギ.

As this compilation follows the sound tones of Imperishable Night, most of high-pitched tones of Perfect Cherry Blossom are removed, notably on '幽霊楽団 ~ Phantom Ensemble'. As some of high-pitched tones were key features of PCB soundtrack, smoothing these tones introduces merits and faults of this compilation...

Standout tracks

02. 雪化結晶 ~ Crystallized Silver

  • Quick, intense, finishes with screaming synth-guitar. Great

05. 人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女

  • Dark and heavy, atmospheric, VERY intense. yet faithfully represents original score

10 . 優雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜 ~ Border of Life

  • Unlike track 06 (Phantom Ensemble), high-pitched climax are nearly un-smoothed. Great in 'escalation' part, but rather weak in 'driving' part because of the weak ride cymbals.

12 . 少女幻葬戦慄曲 ~ Necro Fantasia

  • The BEST arrange on this compilation. Nearly 130%-accelerated tempo overflows adrenaline. A must-listen.

Recommended to :

  • Fans of original PCB's musics
  • Anyone who didn't like the high-pitched scores of PCB
  • Anyone who likes high-tempo songs

Not recommended to :

  • Dedicated fans of 騒霊樂団 ~ Phantom Ensemble
  • Anyone who loved the high-pitched scores of PCB

Liner Notes

ども、こんにちわ。どぶウサギです。この度は「幻葬旋律曲 Necromanza」を手にとっていただき誠にありがとうごさいます。

  • Good afternoon, it's Dobu Usagi. Thanks very much for choosing [幻葬旋律曲 Necromanza]. Below is image, or delusions or random feelings, of each songs (Deja vu). Please enjoy these phantasmic and shivering melodies.

01. 無何有の郷 ~ Snowed Mountain

  • The passionate feeling of searching spring. Maybe the passion itself is the spring, I think.

02. 雪化結晶 ~ Crystallized Silver

  • Surely her body will freeze if she stand still in the snow. But first, she should cover her underarm.

03. 遠野幻想郷物語
見慣れない村を歩いていると突然猫が飛び出した- そんなときは誰だって戯れたくなるもんでしょう?

  • Walking down the exotic town, and suddenly a cat pops out. No one can resist playing.

04. てぃあおいえつぉん

  • If you think the kids playing outside are having fun, maybe that's because the world is full of mysteries to them.

05. 人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女
裁判と言ったら逆○裁判のイメージしかありません(ぉぃ 異議あり!の応酬で段々白熱の展開に。

  • Speaking of trial, the only thing that crosses my mind is Gyaku○Saiban(1). Each "Objection!" heats the scene.

06. 騒霊樂団 ~ Phantom Ensemble

  • Poltergeists strengthen their existence by making noises. Three main melody will encircle your surroundings.

07. 東方妖妖夢 ~ the Ancient Temple

  • The netherworld. I boosted the temperature of the track a bit, as the netherworld looked warm in-game. uh, is it too hot?

08. 広有射怪鳥事 ~ Till When?

  • The feeling of battle with the chorus of large dead crowds. If you lose, you'll become one of them.

09. 究極の真実 ~ the Ultimate Truth

  • To find the truth, one needs resolution. And for only those who made up their minds, the right to know the truth will be given.

10 . 優雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜 ~ Border of Life

  • After the fierce battle to regain the spring, anyone who shed tears please raise your hands. How wonderful life is, I thought. Even though it was in the netherworld.

11 . さくら、さくら。~ Japanize Dream

  • The cherry blossoms in the spring represent awakening and sleeping. In addition, meeting and parting, too.

12 . 少女幻葬戦慄曲 ~ Necro Fantasia

  • Manipulation of the border means the destruction of order. For those inflexible human, it's a shivering fact.

(1) Gyakuten Saiben is the Japanese title for Phoenix Wright.

--Checkist 07:15, 28 May 2006 (PDT)

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