幻想音楽祭 ~Phantom Concert (gensō ongakusai ~Phantom Concert)

Running length
Disc1 : 0:54:35
Disc2 : 0:51:24
Disc3 : 0:53:13


Disc1 - Lunasa Disc

Disc2 - Merlin Disc

Disc3 - Lyrica Disc


A very unique arrange album, starring 41 artists with various styles. Lunasa Disc contains classical arrangements. Merlin Disc contains rock/metal arrangements, and Lyrica Disc contains techno/etc arrangements. As each track has arranged by different people, it's hard to describe the whole album in a few lines.

Standout tracks

Disc1-12.永遠幻想郷 ~ History of Pseudo Paradise / 彩島

  • Faithfully follows the original melody. Generally it's pretty mediocre.... until it passes 5:00. Around 5 minutes, a piano section is introduced and it changes the whole quality of the track.

Disc2-02.夢消失 ~そして誰も聴かなくなるか?~ / 通天

  • Straight rock arrange. Arrangement of Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream is quite rare...

Recommended to :

  • Anyone who likes variable, diverse musics

Not recommended to :

  • Anyone who wants a consistent album

--Checkist 08:28, 12 August 2006 (PDT)

Misc Notes

Creators of the album

This album is a product of a touhou thread named '東方アレンジ・耳コピスレッド' (Thread1, Thread2). The purpose of the thread is to create an arrange song of ZUN's works.
As many people uploads their works and shares their impression, eventually someone has suggested to collect these works and create a CD album (Thread1's 531th post).
The price of this album was surprisingly low for a 3-CD album (500-yen in the events, 600-yen in the shop).

Album title

The album title was chosen after conducting an Internet public poll.
Here were the Top 10 candidates for naming the album, sorted by vote count (out of 435 total ballot size).

  1. 幻想音楽祭~Phantom Concert - 141 votes (32.4%)
  2. 東方耳コピ・アレンジスレ合同CD - 61 votes (14.0%)
  3. 不特定多数夜行 - 36 votes (8.2%)
  4. 「Mumia」 (ムーミア) - 35 votes (8.0%)
  5. 萃想音楽館~Crowd hall - 26 votes (5.9%)
  6. 東方萃音想 - 23 votes (5.2%)
  7. UZURATION - 20 votes (4.5%)
  8. 名前のない萃音祭~東方耳コピ・アレンジスレ合同CD~ - 17 votes (3.9%)
  9. 音霊跋扈 ~ Lunatic Musical (おんりょうばっこ) - 17 votes (3.9%)
  10. Live Poltergeist - 11 votes (2.5%)

(Source <archived>)

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