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ハセガー (romanized as HASEGA~) is a Touhou player who formerly held the highest Lunatic mode scores for every character in Perfect Cherry Blossom, including the WR made with Sakuya-B. His record of 2.98 billion endured for 20 months and was toppled by HS参謀 in September 2008.

HASEGA~ has been inactive since early 2007, so his other prominent scores are also beaten by this point. However, all of them are still ranking within the top-5 of their particular subcategories.

Notable player scores

Game Mode Score Date Character Notes
Perfect Cherry Blossom Lunatic All 2,979,903,320 2007/01/11 Sakuya-B 1,684,400 CherryMax, 27040 graze
Lunatic All 2,403,743,450 2006/06/16 Reimu-B #3 score for this character
Lunatic All 2,363,260,910 2007/03/06 Marisa-A #2 score for this character
Lunatic All 2,143,896,440 2006/06/26 Reimu-A #2 score for this character
Lunatic All 2,077,679,510 2006/07/14 Sakuya-A #2 score for this character

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