The shapes of the formations are, honestly, just coincidences. Bonuses come from the relative position each character is to another, which is also affected by how many in the party.


Take note that the placement tiles change colors when someone is placed on or near them.

The colors are, in order:
Blue, White , Yellow

Blue Tile

Player Characters on blue tiles will always be Vanguard and can easily get STR bonuses. Vanguard characters will be the target of all short/close-range attacks first, and will do full damage with short/close-range attacks. All tiles behind the Vanguard will turn to white. This includes the immediate sides behind the Vanguard.
Blue Placement

White Tile

Player Characters on white tiles will have protection from short/close-ranged attacks, so long as the Vanguard is still conscious. These characters can receive STR, AGI, or INT with the right placements, but never all three. Also, they are not considered Rear Guard and thus, do not suffer from short/close-range damage reduction.
White Placement
White tiles that cross with other white tiles, will change to yellow.
Color Cross

Yellow Tile

Player Characters on yellow tiles will always be Rear Guard, have protection from short/closer-ranged attacks, and suffer from damage reduction with their own short/close-range attacks. These characters can easily receive INT bonuses.
Yellow Placement


前衛 近距離攻撃を受ける = Vanguard, subject to short-range attacks
後衛 近距離攻撃の効果ダウン = Rear Guard, effect of own short-range attacks down
腕カ = "Strength" Given when a character is supported from behind, preferably diagonally
知カ = "Intelligence" Given when a character is supported from the front, preferably diagonally
敏捷 = "Agility" Given when at least 3 characters are on the same row (from their perspective)
ボーナス = Bonus

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