Character Abilities

(This section will explain how characters learn abilities and spell cards. Once figured out, it will be posted here.)


Player Characters can learn skills from the non-sword type weapons, such as books, sands, etc. These skills are only available with those specific weapon types(i.e, Patchy can only use Double Cast from a book's command list after learning the skill. It will NOT be available with a sword's commands). These skills are learned by "leveling up" the character's proficiency with those types of skills.

  • (something)がアップ! Signifies a normal parameter rise I.E, Hp, Sp, Ep, or a stat.
  • (魔法, 妖術, 機械, or 神法)のレベルがアップ! Signifies a "level up" with Magic, Witchcraft/Curse, Machinery, or Heavenly/Act of God. It will list the new ability available to the character with the weapon type, if they do happen to learn one. The announcement will look something like:

Meaning, in this case:

Magic level up!
Buildup now available!

"Buildup" being the new skill that the character can use with a 魔法/book type weapon.

Level ups occur by frequently using skills that are affiliated with the skill type. The character does not have to equip a weapon that grants these types of skills if they themselves learn such skills as their own character abilities. (I learned this since I NEVER equipped my Tenshi, Suika, and Mokou with a machinery weapon, yet they had high levels of machinery. The reason? Because Tenshi & Mokou learn レーザー and Suika & Mokou learn 火炎放射, both of which are machinery-affiliated skills). 技術点 accumulated is not displayed anywhere, so it is uncertain if it actually contributes to the learning process.

Skill levels are listed on the bottom left in the status menu, under the character's stats, but before their abilities. 30 is max level and the number is then replaced with the word MAX. These types of skills are not displayed in the character's abilities(unless of course they learn them as their own abilities).

Keep in mind that—unless otherwise noted—books, sands, machinery, and heavenly weapons will block out all abilities not related to the item type from their command list. So, while Patchouli's command list with a book and sword will look identical, the same will not be experienced with everyone else.


All of Patchouli's abilities are available.

Skill Translation Cost Target Effect Level Learned
マジックミサイル Magic Missile 3 Sp Single, Ranged Fires a simple bolt of magic 0, innate skill
ビルドアップ Buildup 6 Sp Single, Ally Gives STR buff. Stack-able 7
リフレッシュ Refresh 5 Sp Single, Ally Cures status ailments and/or debuffs(?) 15
スペルエンハンス Spell Enhance 6 Sp Single, Ally Gives INT buff. Stack-able 21—22
ダブルキャスト Double Cast 25 Sp, 1 turn casting time Self Character performs commands twice*, if they have enough Sp/Ep. 30, Max

*Only tested with Patchouli so far. Works with her magics and her spell Moon Sign「Silent Selene」(which is supposed to incapacitate her for 2 turns after use, yet she can cast it 2 times in a row). Very powerful since that spell ALWAYS goes first and hits every enemy.


Mystia's spell cards and 異界の風 are available.

Skill Translation Cost Target Effect Level Learned
Ivy 4 Sp, 1 Ep Single, Ranged Chance to stun target 0, innate skill


レーザー and レーザードライブ(Tenshi) are available.

Skill Translation Cost Target Effect Level Learned
火炎放射 Flame Radiation 7 Sp Single, Ranged, AoE Shoots a stream of fire. Damages nearby targets 0, innate skill
レールガン Rail Gun 9 Sp Single, Ranged, AoE Fires a beam that pierces enemies. AoE corridor: Infinity x 3 7
マイクロミサイル  Micro Missile 13 Sp All Enemies Fires a volley of missiles 15

Heavenly/Act of God(神法)

Hina & Reimu's spell cards are available.

Skill Translation Cost Target Effect Level Learned
神仙丹 Elixir of Gods 5 Sp, 2 Ep Single, Ally Recovers Hp. Rate affected by weapon Atk and INT(?) 0, innate skill
月光 Moonlight 5 Sp Single, Ally, AoE Fully restores Sp. AoE: 3x3 range of target 10
護身法 Self-protection 8 Sp All Allies Gives WIS and VIT buffs 20
恵雨 Blessing Rain 3 Ep All Allies Grants Hp recovery and restores 50% Sp 30, Max
Be careful as some weapons give additional skills that are not affiliated with their type. For example: Grail of fallen souls gives you Ultra Sonic Wave, but it isn't a heavenly type attack and will not contribute to leveling up heavenly.

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