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クラエス (Kuraesu, Japanese rendering of the name Claes) is a high level Perfect Cherry Blossom player with noticeable affection towards Easy mode and using Marisa-A in general.

Claes has been the first player to have broken 1.8 billion on Easy mode of PCB, using Marisa-A. With the help of several new strategies, Claes has later improved it to 1.839 billion. Throughout most of 2008, he/she has held Easy mode world records with every character. However, during HS参謀's late-2008 score renewal, all these records have been lost.

Claes still managed to reclaim the Easy/Marisa-A record on 2008/11/26, increasing it to 1.862 billion (a total improvement of 7 and 3.5 million to HS参謀's Marisa-A and Reimu-B scores, respectively). Whether he/she is planning to take back the other Easy mode records is unknown.

Notable player records

Game Mode Score Character Date Notes
Perfect Cherry Blossom Lunatic 2,335,187,310 (#4) Marisa-A 2008/05/23 8/1 remaining lives/bombs; 1,347,620 CherryMax obtained.
Easy 1,862,568,280 (WR) Marisa-A 2008/11/26 8/6 remaining lives/bombs; 1,193,050 CherryMax obtained.
1,742,708,550 (#2) Sakuya-B 2007/11/21 8/5 remaining lives/bombs; 1,158,880 CherryMax obtained.

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