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ひろなex (Japanese: Hirona-ex), also known as Hirona, is a Touhou player active since 2009. Hirona specializes in Subterranean Animism and Undefined Fantastic Object. As of May, 2010, he/she has 10 world records in these two games.

Notably, all the major scoring contributions to Subterranean Animism were made with Reimu-C, arguably one of the most challenging characters to use for scoring purposes. The replays showcased a high level of both strategic research and execution, using fresh tricks and vastly surpassing previous attempts by SET and にゃんこ.

As of May, 2010, Hirona is improving his/her UFO Normal and Easy scores. He/she also expressed interest in scorerunning Lunatic mode with Sanae-A.

Notable player records

Game Mode Character Score Date Notes
Subterranean Animism Easy Reimu-C 624,691,540 (WR) 2009/07/06 28352 graze.
Normal 1,049,204,230 (WR) 2009/10/27 41137 graze.
Hard 1,646,055,790 (WR) 2009/08/17 40158 graze, no-miss.
Lunatic 3,151,191,510 (WR) 2009/12/06 62656 graze, 2 lives remaining.
Undefined Fantastic Object Easy Sanae-B 1,836,101,690 (WR) 2010/02/10 23295 graze, 80440 point item value.
Normal Marisa-A 2,189,313,370 (WR) 2010/03/26 30477 graze, 91480 point item value.
Normal Sanae-A 2,196,933,260 (WR) 2010/02/28 27153 graze, 88970 point item value.
Normal Sanae-B 2,450,213,250 (WR) 2010/02/24 32065 graze, 94820 point item value.
Hard Sanae-A 2,057,642,160 (WR) 2010/05/09 A placeholder run with emphasis on non-aggressive scoring. 30436 graze.
Hard Sanae-B 2,675,753,100 (WR) 2010/05/21 40173 graze, 105680 point item value. Finished with 0/0 and 4.00 power.

External links

ひろなex's blog.

ひろなex's Twitter.

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