たろー (Japanese: taro, short for taromaru) is a Japanese Touhou player who specializes in Extra mode score attacks. He is one of the most experienced all-around Extra players, having held world records in Mountain of Faith, Subterranean Animism and Undefined Fantastic Object, and ranking within the top-20 in all other Windows Touhou games' Extra modes.

Notable player records

Game Mode Character Score Date Notes
Perfect Cherry Blossom Phantasm Reimu-A 1,265,593,510 (#4) 2007/08/16
Reimu-B 1,528,586,370 (#5) 2008/05/10
Mountain of Faith Extra Reimu-A 974,161,940 (#9) 2007/12/30
Reimu-B 985,820,900 (#5) 2007/12/11
Marisa-C 990,074,570 (#3) 2007/12/22 Finished the stage with 691,530 faith.
Subterranean Animism Extra Reimu-A 1,098,956,450 (#2) 2008/11/15
Reimu-B 1,001,763,180 (#4) 2008/10/06
Reimu-C 1,025,315,690 (#3) 2008/10/12
Marisa-A 1,062,018,710 (#3) 2008/10/18
Marisa-C 1,017,550,010 (#3) 2008/10/02
Undefined Fantastic Object Extra Sanae-B 703,008,050 (WR) 2009/10/24 Ending 1/1, 14670 graze, 48640 point item value.

External links

taro's blog

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