すめたね (Japanese: SUMETANE), also known as (yuhuin), みすみ (misumi), and variations thereof, is a veteran Embodiment of Scarlet Devil player. He has been playing the game for score since at least 2004.

すめたね has been the first to exceed 500 million on Lunatic mode of the game with both Reimu-B and Marisa-B, besting ISO's and OOSAKA's respective records by a significant margin. This feat was initially achieved on 2008/04/16; however, the replay wasn't available until SUMETANE improved it further a year later under a different name.

As of June, 2010, he holds #1 scores on Lunatic with every character except Marisa-B. His overall goal for this game is attaining a combined Lunatic score of 2 billion. [1] So far his combined scores sum up to 1.962 billion, leaving 38 million left to go. According to one of the recent blog posts, he had met his target score with Marisa-B, and expected a ~500 million Marisa-A run to be produced by June. Reimu-B is currently postponed. [2]

He is also an expert Phantasmagoria of Flower View player, as he has held the champion title in 2007's and 2008's East Opera tournaments before finally losing to HS参謀 in 2009. [3]

Notable player records

Game Mode Character Score Date Notes
Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Lunatic Reimu-A 486,022,420 (WR) 2010/06/27
Reimu-B 521,773,940 (WR) 2009/05/14
Marisa-A 452,659,020 (WR) 2009/06/17
Marisa-B 501,652,330 (#3) 2010/03/29

External links

すめたね's blog.

すめたね's Twitter.

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