⑨ STG (⑨ 弾幕 read as "Baka STG") is a danmaku shooting game game for Android published by SORAIS.


The player controls Tewi Inaba through 7 stages (version 4.0) and shoots carrot-shaped danmaku bullets at the enemy, who is a Touhou character. The game has no plot or story, as it is an arcade game.

The player starts the stage with 3 lives and 1 bomb per life, and gets rewarding stars depending of the number of remaining lives the player has when they clear the stage.

Using a bomb creates a large moon that moves forward for a bit before halting in front of Tewi. Enemy danmaku bullets will dissipate upon contact with the bomb and enemy characters will get damaged continuously within range of the moon. Whilst the bomb is active, Tewi is invulnerable.
It should also be noted that bosses will become invulnerable to all damage on hard mode whilst the bomb is active including regular attacks.

The enemy battles follow the usual Spell Card Rule from other Touhou games.



Playable Character

Enemy Characters

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